How to Fix Corrupt SD Memory Cards?need help!

My SD Card got corrupt? .It’s sad when we loose pictures or videos of wonderful moments just because your SD got corrupt and you’re unable to fix it.
anyone knows how to recover it ?

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Something needs to be tightened here

Take it to EACC…nkt


Try to connect your SD card to another device, as sometime, few SD cards may not be compatible to certain devices.

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next time make good use of google drive usikuje kulialia hapa

step 1
remove the sd card from your device
step 2
wrap it with a newspaper(avoid plastic bags due to polarization)
step 3
move to the nearest pit latrine
step 4
throw it in
problem solved thank me later


How much bribe is your SD demanding in exchange for your data… Tunaweza anza kamchango kadogo tukusaidie.

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Try recovery softwares. Google hasn’t discriminated against you, has it?

corrupt mem cards dawa yake ni kutupa tu

Venye Lauren kasema hapo juu; from experience that is

Cloud storage should be your ultimate camera backup

masaibu ya filamu za ngono, kukataa kufunguka wakati zinahitajika…




Check and

Check and see if your sd card is 3.0 if yes then that’s the problem. Or download sd card formater

Enyewe hii Ktalk…villagers wana majibu

Try Ease Recovery software. Thank me later

many thanks,every one !it is recover now !

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