How to effectively eliminate corruption.


i was in singapore last year july. look i had never been to singapore before. while in tampine the homie i hooked up with who had stayed there for 15 years. stopped me and said to me. most of what you see here wasnt here in the last 15 years. put it side to side with nairobi. nairobi will be the market place for groceries. its that developed

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And Singapore is slightly bigger than Nairobi after land reclamation

And Uhuru, Moi, Waiguru…


Political interest is the problem, we have to agree we are one as kenyans and stop this mtu yetu upuss

To solve this problem, people need to understand how corruption occurs and what psychological matters involves.
It is people’s nature to receive better things, achieves higher goals, and advance themselves. Eg: If I give you ksh 1000 per day for 20 days, you may want me to give you ksh 2000 per day starting from the 21st day. Being greedy is a human nature.
It is hard to suppress people’s nature. Eg: All countries forbid corruption, but corruptions happen in every countries including the least corrupt country in the world. It is just a matter of how severe it is.
To eradicate corruption from its root, it requires supervision from public and fair justice, but it consumes too much resources (time, money and energy). However, the most effective way is to make government officials do not think of corruption and people do not attempt corrupting. This requires education. Family, society, and school have to teach children live with honest and integrity. It is a long term precess. It takes generations to reach the ideal level. Ideally, people do not think of taking “short cuts” by corrupting government officials, and government officials do not accept corruptions. Everyone think of legal ways to advance themselves.
Once again, that is ideally. No one can guarantee the elimination of corruption. Remember, It is people’s nature to receive better things, achieves higher goals, and advance themselves by all possible means.

There are still many poor Singaporeans living in clumped up tiny apartments provided by government. Singapore is rich but the upper class are the greatest beneficiaries. On the other hand, Kenyans are very comfortable in their farms. cc: @maizeroaster


Are they comfortable with carpets & towels built dams …Singapore doesn’t have that technology ? :confused::confused::confused:

Either you’re retarded or you think we all are.

I don’t think anyone is stupid but the African leadership does. They thrive by keeping people in their comfort zone. In our case, owning land is more important. If urbanization was important then Konza would be a mini-Singapore.

To eradicate corruption is plain and simple, make the consequences of corruption stiff and start jailing people. I this country complete judicial overhaul will be necessary to achieve this and all corruption related cases should be heard and determined for less than 3months.