How to disable loan functionality from my phone viz. KCB Mpesa/Mshwari loans/savings

Is there a way to disable these? Someone who had access to my phone passwords took out a loan using my phone without me knowing and now I have to pay back this loan! (just got a statement of outstanding while i have never borrowed from any of these apps)

We lipa deni pole pole bila kusumbua. What do you mean someone who had access to your phone passwords?? Wife, kunguru, Mchele manenos…? Fungua roho usaidike nanii.

If you visited all the prisons in the world,all prisons,no one in there ever admits guilt. They are all innocent. I believe…

Ama ulichukua loan kama umelewa?

Akiwachafulia ma slay queen meza.

Tupa hiyo line ununue ya celtel

PIN ya MPESA walitoa wapi??? #KikulachoKiNguoniMwako

hii tuliona.

#Kungurumanenos. Leta hekaya bratha, deni utalipa baadaye.