How to destroy the society.

They even had to remove the 32 page one to make it much more harder for peasants to get one. But unfortunately this is just sewing the anus to prevent diarrhoea. They should get to the route of the problem, why are they leaving en masses? Ama wakuwe kama China penye unapewa passport if and if only your reason is compelling enough.


Watu wajenge kwao

When their leaders are looting mercilessly? I’d rather go and live in Antigua and Barbuda.

Someone hinted at this in conversation last year, but I thought it was just Nyayo house desk jockeys trying to get her to pay more to speed up the process. If it’s true then things are about to get a lot worse in years to come.

With the advent of Ruto/Rao, things would heat up badly, Sri Lanka style

Fun fact :China before covid had 150 million outbound tourists… Yani ni kama 5 million or 30 million Kenyans and Americans respectively traveling outside the country each year. Crazy
Another fun fact :Chinese tourist have the highest spend per person in the world.

There is this Chinese guy who was on a trip in the US, he wanted to tour all the 50 states but unfortunately his English was limited and he therefore wanted someone to help him learn English and in return, he would foot all the bills that come with the traveling and on top, he would compensate you $600 weekly (above minimum wage) for the whole period that he was in the US (3 - 4 months). So it’s like getting paid to travel all over US. I was surprised tbh that one single person can pull that.

Alafu, out of the 1M international students that get admitted into the US daily, over 60% are Chinese and 99% of them are full pay (Cost of attendance usually ranges from $40k to 90k pa) sisi Africans ni kudandia scholarships :D, lmao.

Know that when such happens in a country where 500million people Iive on less than $ 3 a day, those living large are exploiting others vibaya sana

China is grossly unequal, even @Sambamba knows that. In the US, unless you are a drug addict or junkie, you can afford a decent vacation in Africa/Europe/ME or SE Asia. The passport alone is quite powerful and saves you a lot in visa fees and other stupid fees. China passport is ranked No 83. Seychelles and South Africa even defeated it sometimes.

To destroy the society, kill the family unit. Everything wrong in Kenya now is a ripple effect of poor family management in yester years. If we don’t repair the family units now, 2050 onwards we will be a disaster.

Watu watoke, The Remittances are worth it

Exactly. Destroy the middle class family unit, then we don’t have a country