How to deal with

My brainwashed pentecoastal wife who is fanatic beliver and see demons witches in every corner, to divorce her is ofcourse one way but when we not fight about church pastors and prophets she is very lovely should i give up this relationship beacuse of freaking church?

Pray for that demon in her to leave.

To remove her from that church is another way and i have done that but she cry over that once in while whenever we talk about church, church become the devider and should church aloud that we divorce as new married couple as we are, i didnt know about she attend to this pentecostal church she never told me about it but she is obssesed about this church and the bible and im not.

Join the church and become more fanatic than her.Yeye ndiye atakwambia mpunguze fanaticism.

Will never be happend i let those pastors prophets control my life, never.

You will just be acting.

Like i said it wont ever be happend.

Boss , kuna difference ya church na home , ukiwacha hio excuse ya church you will dem be fucked hapo , i dont care whether you worship under a tree or in heaven arafu una rudi earth , but any smell of disrespect , cause hell and high waters , wacha ajue u dont fucking give a dame .And make it very clear ata hio Divorce uko sawa kabisa , ii kitu ikikataa imekataa ,and dont imajine you can baby sit a grown person to change very frustrating mdau .

Hakuna dawa ingine. The more you try to dissuade her, the closer she becomes to the church.

She dont attend to there service anymore she dont want to divorce my inlaws absolutly dont want it so the question is what is the churchs opinion, i will have talk with the pastor about this and take it from there. It is church we talking about not God by him self.

Just dick her good, that sh’t flows as she cums comprende?