How To Deal With Theiving Employees

Did you know kenyan companies lose upto 30% of revenue to thieves

thats a felony…and you doit on video. victim akisema ameibiwa you all go down for robbery with violence, assault, false imprisonment… pamaba atagula vizuri


If he had self respect, he would not be stealing. Our society is built on economic power. How are you going to convinct him succefully. A social media post is not evidence enough. Who is going to testify on his behalf? Unafikiria uko na akili kuliko wenye wamlimuokota. They were aware of all these things and felt confident enough to get away with it.

Men are not cowards. Do not rob more powerful men that yourself, and start screaming the law in their face


my point is… if you are going to commit multiple crimes… do not do it on camera


i doubt they care, ata wanaeza kuja wakupigie kwako round two

nimeskia accent ya mamungich nikaacha kuwatch

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Employees wanaiba with impunity and no fear. Ungekuwa mtu kwa streets ukiiba hapo utachapwa. It’s like disciplining a child Ako high school. Awache jokes. Kwanza these guys kwa site. Wanaiba wanuaza simiti, chuma, anything.

A friend of mine Ako na club and ilikuwa imefungwa for renovation…na bouncer who was security there was slowly selling things at a throw away price. Then when discovered alihepa. Walimpata kericho. Wakacharaza mtu

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Two wrongs does not make a right. These are criminals

Juzi kampuni nafanya msee aliiba 15k akajulikana alikuwa forced kuandika resignation letter plus 17k alikatwa kwa salary

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two wrongs make a right sometimes. Kichapo ni lazima

Uko na kiburi

There is a high chance that the actual thieves are the ones beating that guy badly.

sio kiburi, at the end of the day, it’s your money, kulilia serrikali wont return your money

I hv given you another choice.

  1. Deduct more money from salary.
  2. Force them to write resignation letter.

Na hivo ndio unaskianga msee alikua antembea kwa street akakula ndimanga ya kichwa out of nowhere.
Mimi ukinichapa hivo nita nyamaza alafu nijue chuom zako zote. we ngoja tu.

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I would hurt someone later…chuma ya kichwa pap

that evidence should be produced in a court or law.

Endelea kuzoea matycoon, they fuck the law everyday raw and they know it doesn’t work.

Bonobo wanakuwanga na damu ya wizi. A guy i know employed some luhya farmhand and was paying him more than an average, rented a house for him & the wife, bought him a bike. Jamaa aliuza mahindi yote kwa shamba akazama na bibi yake.