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With a a big nod to my buddy RVHH over at, here is a hekaya about a NASA/Pentagoons ‘principle’ from the SDE, so saucy that you wonder whether he’ll sue the rag:

Wetangula spent the night in Sela Masikilani’s arms as his bodyguards waited for him in the biting cold at a petrol station until morning

A woman at the centre of Senate Minority Leader Moses Wetangula’s divorce is also sleeping with three other Members of Parliament, The Nairobian can exclusively reveal.

When Wetangula’s estranged wife, Anne Waceke, initiated divorce proceedings citing infidelity, people in the know pointed fingers at Sela Masilikani, previously a secretary at Wetangula’s law firm.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that “when they got into a relationship, she started sending abusive text messages to Wetangula’s wife.”

She was however kicked out following an altercation at his office by another female member of Wetangula’s family, forcing the senator to get her a job in the accounts department in Parliament.

But unknown to the senior lawyer and Ford Kenya bigwig who is 60 years old, Sela is also playing gymnastics with three first-time legislators – one from Western and two from Ukambani.

Close sources say they have evidence as recent as April 11, that Wetang’ula asked his bodyguards to wait for him at a petrol station in Lang’ata. He then took a taxi to a hotel, where he met and spent the night in Sela’s arms as his bodyguards waited for him in the biting cold until morning.

Our investigations reveal that Sela spent three days in the house of an Ukambani MP, two days at the Coast with a Bukusu MP, while the other Ukambani MP is her ‘boyfriend’ and a regular at her Lang’ata house.

Wetang’ula’s marital woes became public when the senator reported to police that he had been assaulted by his young wife, Anne Waceke, making him the butt of jokes at political rallies and on social media.

Although it is Waceke who first reported that she had been assaulted by her husband, it did not stop his political enemies quipping, “Ni bibi tutapigia Wetang’ula ama kura? (Are we going to vote for him or help him discipline his wife)?”

Our source, who is close to the estranged couple, say Waceke has tried filing for divorce three times, but Wetang’ula somehow manages to frustrate her efforts. The two are embroiled in a dispute over child support.

“Waceke left Wetang’ula in 2015. Since then, he has totally refused to provide for their three children,” says our source.

Waceke had moved to court seeking upkeep and monthly maintenance allowance of Sh270,000, and an additional Sh120,000 annually to take care of the children’s clothing and other needs.

When reached, Waceke refused to comment, saying the matter is in court and hanged up. She refused to pick subsequent calls or reply to our text messages.

In court her documents seeking child support, Waceke claimed that she didn’t want a coin from Wetang’ula, and that he should instead pay the school fees directly to the schools. The same applies for household foodstuff, which she wanted Wetang’ula to buy and drop at the house where she lives with the children.

In the divorce papers filed in court, she accuses Wetang’ula, whom she married under Bukusu customary law in 2011, as a serial adulterer, hence the reason for her leaving.

She claimed that she met the senator in 2003 and that they started living together thereafter. She added that after sometime, the senator failed to provide maintenance for the children, neglected her and stopped giving moral and emotional support to the family.

“When I got pregnant, the senator, then serving as a minister, compelled me to resign from my job and become a housewife,” she submitted. She added that after leaving her job, Wetang’ula took over the responsibility of providing for her and the children, but he abandoned her and the children.

“The senator has refused to provide for us adequately, forcing me to single-handedly cater for the children. I have been receiving financial assistance from my mother, but the amount is not sufficient,” she said.

Wetang’ula admitted to having married Waceke under Bukusu customary laws in 2011, but denied abandoning her and the children.

When reached for comment, Wetang’ula didn’t pick our phone calls. He however responded to our text through a proxy.

“The divorce was filed, but it never went through. It was pulled out of court by whoever filed it. I am still living in the same house with Anne (Waceke), as husband and wife,” he said.

In response to our phone calls, Sela however denied having a thing with Weta. She asked for more time to consult and get back to us with more details.

But by the time of going to press, she had not furnished us with the additional information she had promised.

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