How to condition a beta


Alafu alete ikus pekee yake ??
Sigwes na sigwes.

The foolish man will die young and be blamed still.

i am allergic to continuous intimate female company

Briffaults Law people Briffaults Law.
What is this madness

hii ujinga is a no no… Enda ukikaukanga siste

Mwanga ndani and the squadron have bashed that silly mabeya lady to the lowest she will never try that stunt again

:D:DAnother beta male conditioning: ‘A real man is one who can raise up another man’s kid and love the mom without complaining and expecting anything in return’

this is true…Provided the male involved has his balls in her purse…:D:D:D

to be able to do all that, you must have another woman on the sides to offload your stress too and keep yours “nice and trouble-free in a dream life”