How to cleanse your snack!!!


feri nice! but kuna moja niliosha hivo ikasema hufai kuosha na sabuni … :smiley:

Booty so big u can park a bus on it

By douching,it will be killing the normal flora in the vagina.It will make the lady prone to vagina infections especially candidiasis.

Ukiwa na d**k toothpick, don’t take nudes. Ndio maana sina por*tape


G@y virgins

Must have smelling as they sat on the couch… akaona atoe smell before pekejeng… intelligent, mmmh!!

Premise ✓
Inference ✓
Wewe huna bargain kwa ngeos. Peana mkundu roho safi

Nefa eva again

Any self respecting woman will always excuse herself to ‘freshen up’. She should be carrying wet wipes to wipe the funk off the puss.


Sasa ukiosha na panga soap siutachoma hadi fallopian tubes zake jameni.

Yea, how about that, men discussing how to wash senyeste…