How to change the colour of your car under Kenyan law

My black Navara needs a fresh coat of paint, and I gotta put some ceramic on it.

However, I have been toying the idea of spraying it white, color number 40.

Now, I have tried googling to no avail.

How can I do it legally, and at what statutory cost (sitoi hongo)

ngui ino …enda ile dealership ilikuwa CMC…

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Why don’t you wrap it?

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Si lazma uweke a camo wrap. You can wrap it in that white shade or whatever. Sawa maragoli?

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Have the car painted and apply kwa TIMS for a change of particulars. You will be required to book and take the car for inspection. The particulars(new colour) will be entered under the car after which you will be issued with a new log book.

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Under Tims,
Kuna option ya change of color at kshs 1000,

Lazima iende inspection?

cc @magreb

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Shumarî taktaka enda nunua paint ya Duracoat litre 20 na turpentine, tutaongea labour

It “has” to be inspected to regularise everything otherwise utakua na gari ya white but logbook inasoma vingine. Alternatively, talk to Kenyans at NTSA in a “Kenyan” way and everything shall be done for you wewe utaendea tuu logbook.

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Kwa ntsa ana tims portal fanya change of particulars application, na uweke your preferred colour