How to block all incoming calls on iphone but still use Data

Anyone to kindly lead me to solution to this, i have tried to google it but all i get is the do not disturb mode which I understand only silences but does not block incoming calls.

Lipa deni nanii, simply use wifi

Alternative title: I now own an iPhone, peasants.

Do not disturb does help as your phone wont ring although you will get a notification.

Iphone iko nyuma aje kwani

*21# sjui if still inafanya kazi
Never owned an iPhone though.

Si uweke flight mode. Natumiasana kwa hiyo njia. Wifi inafanya sawa lakini data haitoweza.

Just divert all calls to 0722199199 or 0722188188


Hizi zinakaa OMO washing detergent.

Yet it actually works. Simple useful trick

Those are safaricom official divert numbers buda boss

Poa, I’ll try them if need be.

If it’s a twin sim, deactivate the main line
Use anaza line for data.

Just use the do not disturb feature as it comes in very handy. No calls or messages will get through to you but you will still see the notifications. A good way to lay low. I use it ALOT.


Why not just put your phone on silent.

Silent mode does not block incoming calls

But they wont bother you.

Sema unataka tujue uko na Iphone