How to Billionaire in Kenya : Where to live.

This would be a nice place to bring up your rascals and minions. If only the amenities around there were sufficient.

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For 145 million and only 4 units left, who are these people who buy such houses lakini? I might change careers

4 units!! Hiyo info iko wapi?

Property show

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hakunanga kitu kama 4 units left. hiyo huwa njaro ya kuadvertise utanunua upate wewe ndiye wa kwanza. they do that to portray the place as exclusive.


Money laundering!

Renders ziko yuu. Lakini at that price, ni better kujenga.

Those are not renders. That’s an actual video by a drone. I wish hotels and other luxurious would make videos such at these. It would be easier for the buyers

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video ya @wheelz ni render

That’s a drone video.

It’s not

I’ve been to this place installing IT infrastructure for a few guys .The landscaping is awesome but for 150M you can get value for your money building.This place has mostly been bought by wahindis

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