How to be conned while house searching

Ii saw someone ask about these houses through a different link and thought it wise to post it in general as well as a warning to y’all.
Very beautiful houses advertised through Jumia and some affiliate links.
They come in very fancy interiors and fair prices. [See attachments/screenshots below]

Notice in all adverts, there is no exterior of the houses, only fancy interiors. Now, of course you’ll be tempted to make a call in the numbers provided and the script is as below:
[li]You’ll call to make an inquiry about a deal you’ve seen through the number provided.[/li][li]They’ll tell you it’s in high demand and a few guys have already promised to pay.[/li][li]But they are so nice to link you with the “owner” of the unit. They give you their phone number.[/li][li]Called the number and its a lady, Oldish from the voice but eloquent.[/li][li]Lady tells you anaishi Muthaiga and she has just left the place on her way home but a few guys have told her they are paying for the unit within a day.[/li][li]She wouldnt want to discriminate and so, it’s first come first served basis. Whoever deposits something quickly gets the unit. She even tells you if you can secure a unit with ~15k it’s yours.[/li][li]Of course after that, and if you are looking for one with cash at hand, you can send the 15k to secure it. These last two points are where you’ll be nyoroshwad nicely if you send.[/li][li]Now, I keep looking and stumble upon a few others: 4 to be precise. Call the numbers given and the story is similar to the first one. Almost scripted just that it’s different people on the line, but re-directing you to the “owner” who happens to be the same lady from the first call.[/li][li]I noticed the trend after the first two calls and decided to call them with disposable Telkom numbers and While noting down the “owners” number, It happened to be the same number from the first call. Hapo ndo Nikare-alize naeza lilia chooni.[/li][li]Ukitaka unit, set out and go see it physically, achana na mambo ya online, Jiji ama Jumia. Same na Car’s and phones.[/li][/ul]

Stay Woke Villagers, Stay woke-Kuna watu wananukisha vitunguu in wicked ways hapa nje.

Hehehe this is the only con-game that I ever fell for, but when I was extremely desperate and at loggerheads with my then landi. Kama pia wewe umepatikana iza, those guys are in bed with the police.

Desperation = Vulnerability, always advisable to tread carefully.

There’s plenty of cons pretending to be agents huko nje.

If there’s one thing that has helped me in the real estate hustle it’s my integrity ( na sio kuringa) . I don’t even advertise on social media. I deal with referrals only.
I’ll show you a house of your preference, free of charge , no viewing fee , if you like it utalipa hapo hapo. I always have lease agreements in my laptop. Tunamalizana hapo tu ukishalipa kwa account ya landlord/lady . I hand over the key na narudi hapa uchokozi.

Honestly speaking Kuna nyumba iko na finishing kama hiyo na ni 14000? Si hiyo ndio the very definition of a red flag