How to avoid these annoying ads on ktalk

Go to settings

More connections

Select private connections

Select private dns

Write this in the space provided:


Death to admins!


Charge simu kwanza waria

Wariah A- 94 pale Nakuru high … Aye!!. Firi … hauna mneti kwa nyumba bado na hadi mimi rustler ninayo hapa kwa ranch mogotio, karibu na kwa ranch ya manGiddy. 20+ years of government service in the same office and still nada to show. Enyewe wewe ni mtu bure kabisa bloody fuckin’ shamurta…

Unajua shaqil?/yesu?

Arabe wannabe download CM browser. Hio hakuna adverts. Hiyo uki install you will starve admin to death. Hakuna kitu atapata ya AdSense.

Just use brave browser ! and forget youtube ads too !


Subbie I don’t do small browsers that’s gonna steal my private and vault info

So save your asses with all these suggestions

Does anyone ever click on those advert pop ups? Most of the time its something i would never be interested in

Duck duck go browser hunyonga ads like ghaseeer

Malisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa admean!:smiley:

Ads? What ads?

Wewe ni mtu baradhuli kama @kush yule mnono

AMG uta enda London kuona her majesty Queen. Juu wikendi hakuna EPL na naskia uko na season ticket ya chelshit.

Mungiki meno brown, mtombaji wa malaya, mjamaa wa Parkison’s disease, i am currently in Italy supporting Red Bull’s Max Verstappen

Priss wacha

Umbwaaa supporting max verstappen while a jungu Italian man is exhaling hot air in your usogo.

Just downloaded it and this sh’t is still here

Niaje mujamaa … Tuchel the genius alienda wapi buana

Bila downloaded photos … you is not there