How times changes.

Juzi juzi, @uwesmake used to make post, and talkers, would praise him , and give supplications to be added to his Telegram BS
Leo hii, naona hata jina imeongezwa madoido, ati @uwesmake -nde, yaani uwes makende. I guess it’s a high time he either reassert’s or re-invent’s his sorry a$$.

Uwesmake is a very idle dude boasting about his sexual escapades in a brothel

Uhondo uje upesi,iftar yakaribia

…but he has styled up of late. We don’t see ugly little finger photos after defiling hippopotamuses . Seems age and maturity is catching up

Wueh! For those of us who has been around since 2015 mnajua Uwesmakende has matured. He was worse like @Mosa back in the day.

Pasta karibu nyumbani.Ata @Meria Mata alikuwa huku juzi.Kwani ni nini inanuka huko.
Ukirudi ambia @gashwin muka mukuru dateyagwo.
I have loads of sweeps awaiting him.Nilipiga yeye sweep huko Pamba akanireport on his behalf nikafukuzwo.
Damn I talk too much

@uwesmake there is a character who is not known to ridicule pple.Naona amekutusi.Lazima you have wronged him greatly.You’ll not see heaven