How timber mafia walked away with Uhuru's Sh2 billion

Detectives have launched investigations into how Sh2 billion allocated to a project launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta to green public schools was stolen in what could turn out to be one of the most expensive tree planting drives in the country.
The money was meant to finance training of children on tree planting, creation of nurseries in public primary schools, and a countrywide initiative to turn 10 per cent of all primary school land into forests.
The revelations of this misuse and theft of public funds are contained in a confidential report by the recent task force that inquired into forest resource management and logging activities in the country.
Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Forestry, Mr Keriako Tobiko, told the Nation on Sunday that he has forwarded the report, together with the names of the suspects of fraud, to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), and a separate report on forensic audit to the Auditor-General.

This is a competition of who gets to steal more than the other and who will leak the message to the media.

nilisema watu wa tano tena watulie wapigwe msasa kwa mkundu bila makelele. I feel marginalised for not having stolen from the gok

Hizo pesa zimeenda. And the only people who will ever be held truly accountable ni wale hawako kwa clique ya wezi sugu kwa serikali.

What is the end game to all these corruption revelation that is happening in our beloved country.

maybe it is a watershed in the war against corruption…note i said maybe…the best we could do is wait and see what happens.

character is like pregnancy, you cannot hide it. Same to corruption, You dont just steal billions and expect no one to notice. You buy maize from a few Bigshot individuals who imported and keep quiet with it and suddenly thousands of farmers are complaining about their produce not being bought.

RV leaders defended those who sold maize to NCPB and called them hard-working businessmen and women. Hapo ndio niliwacha kuangalia news jana.

Wrink…or nothing as such was said.

I smell mashambas dirty hands. Especially “hardworking businessmen and women”

I’m starting to read something sinister behind all these. A political end. It’s a matter of wait n see.

It was on citizen TV yesterday night.

Ruto end game. All this happened around 1 or 2 years ago from NYS and NPBC. Everything was flagged off by audit, government audit happens approximately after 1 year and 3 months from auditor general.

NCPB Scandals were not played by those low level Bureaucrats in those offices. Paying ksh2billion being paid to a handful of individuals is something that have to patronized from some high office(s).

Hao farmers basi wakubali hasara and move on.They should look for another presidential candidate.The current one is eating their livelihood bila kujali

Exactly . Not a small person . I’m sure national security intelligence was aware of this deal going on but they feared some black hand somewhere

Hivi niulize,kwani what would happen if they shout…what is the worst that the underhand guys do…kwani hawa ma cartels huwa wameshika government balls aje?

That’s very unfortunate then.

You expected them to condemn their incognito handles (proxies)

Si hata wewe ulikuwa unalia or you were trolling

i’d like to be more optimistic…i am a born optimist, sometimes naive even, …but i’d like to believe the President is keen to secure his legacy as the one who set off a serious fight against corruption (especially now that he does not have the baggage of re-election to think about…