How things unfolded4the boys in the sex tape

I give you a blow by blow account of how rapidly things unraveled for the four men. Today I am Hassan Mugambi complete with mask and gloves. OK. The guy who leaked video after his demand for 210k was declined ni mjakaa, he’s the darkest, slim with a rugged beard. Anakaa tuu mjaka he does not look like the rest. Who I believe are kalei.

Mjamaa fupi round. The guy in glasses left before curfew to put up at a hotel. The scene of the crime is DKs house in Elgon View.His wife works in Kapsabet so she wasn’t around. The rest were left drinking themselves silly with Gilbeys, vodka and other makalis. Until 4am,when mjaka a was left alone and drank all the remaining makalis akamaliza mashetani zikamshow itisha laki mbili. The request kuwa dismissed the guy uploaded all the videos he recorded.

An exe of mulamwas mtu fupi round akaiona. Akasambaza to all the people who know the fat guy, kila mtu.

So DK the owner of the house, the guy wearing a kofia, his wife found out after her own dad called her Yaani DK father in law and told her sikujua umekua unaishi na shetani enda internet umwone bwanako.

Someone wishes it was her

Nini inaendelea hapa…

She is envious, most women are. I don’t blame her though, good d*ck remain elusive to many women.

Chafua kijiji mecho I send you the contacts of the four pussy heist guys.

Ilikuwa ni siku yao

Who? Your mother? Hii hata kama ni gang rape you commit suicide Roho Safi and God will receive you with no questions.

You people why are you so whorish and wicked. Mumeoza. Munatoka maggots hadi kwa macho. How can you congratulate such behavior. MBWA MALAYA NYINYI WOTE NA MAMA ZENU.

Hebu go exorcism you whores. Very wicked. No wonder Corona imekuja kuwafagia. You people are so evil. Ni nini hii muna support?

Go bring your wives or your daughters to be fingered by these jibabaz tuwatambue you are really in support Malaya hizi. Nkt.

Who is envious? Ati most women? What kind of women are you exposing yourself to? Your witch of a mother? Or your two pence whore of a mother? She wasted her 9 months carrying a piece of garbage with only maggots btwn his ears.

Tell us Wea the good dick was here, juu from comments sijaona good dick mentioned anywhere. Hebu grow up for a start uwache kuongea shit like a chokora.

Can you go to the woman’s insta right now umuone, she’s wearing blue contacts. She looks crazy and she’s saying she’s very happy about that video.

Wacha huyu mama she’s possessed and if those kids are not removed from that house, don’t be surprised kuskia she’s killed them all.

I don’t know what it is you think you are supporting here if not Satan himself. How dead are you spiritually that huwezi this is the handiwork of Satan. You are here praising it.

Enda utengeneze yako tukutambue. Mbwa. If you cannot use your oblogata better shut up than expose your lunacy no good demon. Hizi ni nini unasifu. Your mother should have just thrown you in a pit latrine. Useless monkey masquerading as a man. Which man can be praising such acts. Kwenda mbali Ibilisi.

Uliskia what a sane man told the daughter not stupid here calling themselves alfa mail. Alfa gani inashabikia wazimu? The dad told the daughter umekuja unaishi na shetani. Now that is a normal man who is not possessed by demons like wenye wako hapa wakishabikia. YOU ARE VERY STUPID. A SHAME TO YOUR PARENTS. USE LESS WASTAGE OF SPERMS. MABWEGE NYINYI WOTE. Sick fucks.

Mwari ! ! ! Get laid. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa.

[COLOR=rgb(71, 85, 119)]Yeah the bi+ch can’t understand how they are still married yet she was thrown out for lesser crimes

I am not a whore like your mother and I am not possessed like you so there’s nothing you can tell me now after endorsing this heinous act in fact he Shima na kuongea kwangu imeisha now, now, NOW. I never knew I am dealing with a demon. Heh. Can you go back and read what you have written. Umeoza. Umeoza. Umeoza. Goodbye. Goodbye. Am not going to engage your insanity. Na usiwahi niita mwari, you are a shame to the meru people and the dignity they hold. Even a stray dog has more dignity na unajidai uko na makende mbili. How can you even dare support such. I’m very angry. Let me just block since hauko Karibu nikukate hio dick unajidai nayo toothpick nitupie mbwa. Idiot. A pure waste of xy chromosomes.

Eish ! ! ! What you need is a good dosage of sperms. They’ll calm you down, and do me a favor, STOP arguing. Those are very simple instructions.

:smiley: hii kukata dick ni latent horniness tumia kijiko au mwiko kama dildo utoe kutu

Wewe ni Daktari? Bas tibu mamako na vijiko awache Umalaya kwa mitandao. Wanaume you have been badly exposed. Very big mouth but kwa ground. Even getting an erection yenyewe ni shida. Help yourself first then you can help others. Penis is in plenty that’s why nobody is selling penis. What is in demand and selling like hot cake kwanza na hii Korona. U know better. Lakini Kenyan men are very useless. Totally useless alafu you make sex tapes to show off your disability. If you have to sambaza at least something substantial not bcming a laughing stock. I always knew it. Very useless. Ni mdomo tuu. 4 good men can not even satisfy one woman, so what can you satisfy? A chicken? Yaani Kenyan men mumekua laughing stock in East Africa juu hata hao wamepatana video yenu ya upuss. CV yenu imeungua IRRETRIEVABLY. I heard Diamond and Wasafi are even writing a song to diss Kenyan men. Mdomo ndio mumebaki nayo. Nothing else. Right now all that is left is just evacuate you to an island b4 mutuharibie reputation any further.

hio kuuma utatombwa na Yesu??Ama MZUNGU?? LMAO:D:D:D

Hellen gatwiri tulia, we know your reach old husband who was a result of arranged marriage is impotent

Don’t blaspheme the name of Jesus Corona is here for people like you. Chunga hio mdomo it’s the wrong time to be on the wrong side of God. Achana na nini yangu please. It’s not a partnership ushinde ukiongelea. Talk about hizi toothpicks mumetuaibisha nazo. Hio video imeleta a very bad picture. Hamu a sifa anymore. RIP. Let’s seek assistance kwa Jirani wakina Diamond. Kenyan men right now hamuna Jina. CV imeungua.

Nimepitia tu.

reach huzzy mileage alifikisha wapi??