How they sanitize

They know how to cover up, until you are left doubting whether what you know is right . A good meaning of gaslighting

But nigga anasema ukweli.
Si hata watu husema a pregnant woman is evidence of sex.
Same way tunasema dame Ako tagged anauza either openly or in secret.

Leta translation mjamaa hapa si Muranga

Kikuyu wakiona pesa they throw out morality outside the window. Huyo pastor mla kondoo ni kama amepea huyo Malaya license ya ukahaba.

When one of their own is caught pants down they come out guns blazing fire

This is so wrong…like i always say church is full of crap and crappier people…this is why the youth aint interrested in church anymore…mary lincoln a saved woman and a gospel artist and a wife to that njoroge guy…sending nudes or posing naked for whatever reason shouldnt be tolerated by any church…Kenya is going to the dogs because of following such people blindly…im raising a daughter for fucks sake she may grow up and end up liking her so called gospel music…i dont want her to be looking up to such characters:mad:

I used to go to a church like 5 years ago. That church was based on word of God and family values. So kuna siku youth pastor bachelor alikuwa akitafuna madem kwake. He was even cohabiting. When the church elders knew it. He was made to resign from his post as pastor. Hakuna vile atapreachia youth about water while is smelling liquor.
If I was to go back to Christianity huko ndio nitarudi. Hio church haina vituko na sarakasi.



Anonymous muhimu I might dox myself.