How the USA stole Hawaii

A real historic eye openner …
Hear it for yourself …
Meanwhile , we are being told it is the land of Democracy and Freedom …:confused:

Umeamua u-relax macho kidogo from chubby, Ghanaian, instagram slay queens na ukiangia siasa?

Hio pia ni maendeleo.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]USA is hypocrisy on roids

Rexx, kazi yako ni kutuosha macho

They did the same in Guam,Solomon islands with their nukes,kicked out natives from diego garcia over night bila compensation even liberia is like an annex to them

Na Guantanamo Bay?

hio iliibiwa tu.Back in 1898, when the yunares steits took control of Cuba from Spain following the Spanish–American War,cubans and muricans became “allies” and the first cuban prez signed a perpetual lease granting complete jurisdiction and control of the Guantánamo Bay by US and they in turn,recognize the Republic of Cuba,kama vile unaachia kunguru aanike pantie kwa bafu but anajua yeye ni chipo na wewe ndio kusema then unajipata ulimuoa by default.

Well, in 53-59,castro akajipiga kufua kama ule jamaa wa benz alirushwa dame pale naks na boy wa vitz [SIZE=1]damn[/SIZE] nakutry kuchuja aango sam but wapi,hawakubanduka.(There’s rent to be collected btw about $4085 per year since 1800’s na US wamelipa moja tu :D).

Anyway ,ju ya kichwa ngumu ya castro, Eisenhower akacheza kiyeye na akawaonyesha kidole na akakalia kiwanja design ya kamagera ya mungiki pale kwa stage and imposed sanctions kwa hio maneno for good measure.

As you know the situation in cuba is messed up,and citizens wanted out pale 90’s and many crossed by boats and tree top bottles tied together to miami ,to avoid that the unares stets used gitmo as a processing center for asylum-seekers ,few years later it became a no nonsense- ingia ndani-hatuandiki upuss kwa OB-holding cell for sheep shaggers and their supporters

kwani leo dating site yako imefungwa? mbona hujasearch BBW

Na si mrudishe Nairobi kwa WaMaasai oh yee without sin.

While we are at since ni kila mtu arudi “kwao” and I don’t know where kwao is coz even in Kenya there MUST’VE BEEN inhabitants when your ancestors arrived.

But while you are at it Wabaluhya mrudishe Westlands, Kangemi, Kawangware na Kasarani kwa Wakikuyu na mrudi kwenu Western.

Wakikuyu na hizi kabila zingine zote mhame Kitengela na Rift Valley na Western. Mrudi Nyeri.

And so on and so forth…

Hehehehe …
You said it well in a nut-shell …
And don’t forget a Black Ops and Interrogation [ Torture ] site for the CIA …
Te world is indeed a cruel place …

Even as you lecture us about the thieving Americans, China is holding some Muslims hostage in their own land. As well as some Tibetans.

China also refuses to give freedom to Hong Kongers.

The Russians recently grabbed Crimea and they want to reclaim Ukraine and Poland.

You know China is the same size as the U.S or slightly larger than the U.S.

But the real China is actually much smaller about 60% or 70% of Chinese land mass includes hostages captured by the Han communists!

Russia is twice the size of America.

Russia is like China and U.S combined.

You fellows think that the Russians ammassed 12% of the earth’s land mass by being nice?

Russia is 12% of the earth and Putin still wants more land.

When the USSR was in power proper the communists controlled close to two thirds of the planet directly or indirectly.

The USSR itself was a a seventh of the earth.

The USSR was two and a half times the size of the U.S.

And within the USSR were hundreds of races and ethnicities with all manner of complexions and identities.

The USSR was a nation of superlatives : biggest desert, biggest lakes, biggest mountains, deepest rivers… etc

Now you think all those races and ethnicities entered into the USSR willingly?

Of course not. And many of them have tried to get out of that marriage for decades and given up.

After WW2 Stalin alikuwa anataka dunia mzima ikuwe communist. Most countries were in fact very ready to become communists including Kenya (Jaramogi) and most of Africa.

Hio ni history unajua. Cold war. The U.S was simply playing the detterent game because it was the end of capitalism and democracy for the most part.

Korea fell almost immediately… Vietnam followed… Cambodia… and it was brutal and bloody but of course how would you know.

Boss , it is this kind of talk that cost so many innocent lives over our past 3 “Elections” …

Sheikh Abeid Amani Karume of Zanzibar had the right solution …

He encouraged inter-marriage between the Native and Omani Arab Zanzibaris …
As a result , today there are no tribal or race barriers on that Island …

Wacha kujifanya mjinga. Si unasema land irudishiwe wenyewe. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

You are saying mzungu should give Hawaii to its owners and leave and go back to England… well @rexxsimba give your Nairobi land back to the Maasai owners and head back to Kisumu!

Na kila mtu akae kwao. I see Luhyas especially talking smack here and yet they are taking over Central Kenya day by day.

I often wonder what if Kikuyus went to Western and took over Kimilili would we hear the end of it.

It’s nice to point fingers at the U.S while you yourself you are forgeting that you are occupying other people’s territory.

Raila was on record declaring 42 versus 1 and yet he forgets that Kibera is not Luo territory! It is not.

Ni kama huelewi nationhood ni nini. Also there is no pure tribe in Kenya we used to live together before colonization

I always find it surprising how ktalkers cant relate situations to their own home fronts.

If for instance you buy land in Kitengela via corruption and you know very well that that is a Maasai ranch or communal land how are you any different from the wazungu in Hawaii?

If you go and buy 20 acres in Kilifi and then throw the local squatters out and dispossess them because they are powerless how are you any different from the wazungu in Hawaii?

If you get educated in Nairobi and get a job and money and then you disinherit your illiterate poor siblings of your father’s land how are you any different from the wazungu in Hawaii?

Jiangilie kwanza my fren before you point the accusing finger.

Who took maasai land,isnt nairobi a clusterfukc of different communities hadi wazoomali?:D:D