How the U.S helped the Ayatollah to become supreme leader of Iran.

@Bottoms are you aware that the democrats have always had a soft spot for the current Iranian Islamist govt?

The U.S Dems viewed the Iranian student protestors of 1979 as an educated civil society of sorts rather than what they really were : ISLAMISTS.

This soft spot didn’t start with Obama who recently held negotiations with the Iranians… it started in the era of Jimmy Carter the Democrat rais (with racist leanings).

After the Shah was deposed Pres. Jimmy Carter who was left in charge of the U.S backed Iranian army told the Iranian army to hold back and let the Ayatollah get back into Iran from exile in Paris. Ajaze hio vacuum.

In other words the current Iranian govt./predicament was formed by the U.S Democrats.

Carter didn’t want the Iranian army to take over and he was fooled by the Ayatollah to think that the Ayatollah would be a nice Democratic leader. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Meanwhile the Shah had refused to fire on protestors and had gone into hiding himself.

And as is often the case the U.S Dems act foolishly then regret later, soon after, the Ayatollah aliwaruka live live and the Dems in power regreted deeply. (And they finally lost power after decades in the seat to an overwhelming defeat by Reagan. )

The Ayatollah had promised to work with the U.S, to protect U.S oil interests… while in Paris he had even promised to continue working with Israel like the Shah before him… but vile aliingia Iran hivi … jamaa aliwapatia kidole ya kati na akasema he has never talked to any Americans or Jews in his life!!! :smiley:

Jimmy Carter was rejected for a second presidential term because of this debacle and the ensuing Iran hostage crisis. Basically the guy fucked up proper.

You might even say that Jimmy Carter gave the world Terrorism, since Iran is the mother and father of Islamist terrorism.

During that time mafuta nayo ikapanda bei. Economy ikaporomoka. And like @sani often says when he is trying to defend Moi his corrupt clansmate ‘even Kenya never recovered after this oil crisis.’ (Of course a gross diversion from the fact that Moi was a corrupt and incompetent thug.)

The U.S to this day is still struggling to correct that grave mistake made by the liberals.

The Ayatollah Khomeini was the Shia top clerical leader. Yaani top imam of the Shia faith. He was forced into exile in 1965 because he opposed to the “white revolution” in Iran.

The white revolution was the Shah’s massive modernization project of Iran which included secularization like allowing Iranian women to wear Western clothes and to get educated like men. The Shia clerics didn’t like any of that at all and inevitably the Ayatollah ran away to Iraq, where for a long time he was hidden by the Shiite’s there. He later hid in Turkey and much later in France.

End of story.

Iran must fall. Terrorists must be finished.

At the end of the day, we are made of the same blood and shall return to the same earth. You, shia, Trump, me , talkers. We are same…
Upuss mingi wacha

These kind of arguments will lead to conclusions like “Replication of Streptococcus pneumoniae” virus was caused by a Democrat.

Let me spoil your otherwise very brainy and witty posts. Streptococcus pneumoniae is a bacterial species:):slight_smile:

It was still engineered in the lab by some western scientist.

Starts with cyber warfare.
Scroll to the comments you will see the image there.

Are you saying that I have made all these up?

That what I have written is a big lie none of it is true?

Strain …use strain instead .My eyes aches when I see you referring bacteria as species