How the return of Afwong'o has killed my ego....

I no longer feel like a man. Grrrrrrrhhhh.
What is this thing called Afwung’o ? It’s an under garment that was popular in colonial times among luo women, though some men used to wear it to.
The last time I came across one was in the late 80’s, when I was been initiated into manhood.
This is what I’m talking about.[ATTACH=full]198927[/ATTACH]

My beef is this, since my initiation into manhood, sijawahi toa mwanamke surwure ya ndani, mimi huwa nazirarua. I have never believed in that sh!t.
Nararua, then I turn the chick, butt facing up, slaps her as$ 3 time, then I roar like a lion while slapping my chest.
After that, naingia mle mvunguni, na kuchapa vitu.
My dilemma is one, this things women are wearing nowadays are very hard to tear apart.
Which means I can’t perform my signature move, hence my sex life is greatly affected.

omera, inaitwa afwongo ama abongu, dhiane ipenji dau

nimezoom in nakafeel like I am chewing on a sweater ama Styrofoam…

The government need to ban these things Banaa.

Bangi bangi bangi

Thanks for the correction

Fuck you for that feeling umeweka kwa kichwa yangu:D

Kuna watu wakiamka asubuhi kazi yao ni pombe… bangi…

Slow down Man… Keep is constant