How the Kikuyu and Embu Made Peace at Ngiinda and Funny Tales of the Kamba


The Funny Wakamba fighting tactics


Funniest historical tale- Kuvalisha wamama nguo ya vita :D:D:D:D:D

Hmmmmm interesting historia ya watu wangu …# proudly Ambeere

:D:D:D Lazima ni yule mzungu aliandika kitabu ati wakikuyu walikuwa wanatomba mbuzi ndiye ameandika hiyo kitabu. Hehehee… Embu recall having large number of kamba women? Jeez.

Hakuna kitabu kama hiyo. Your drug- infested mind made that up. Andif there is it’s not a work by a professional anthropologist

There is. There is also another one that says Kikiyu househelps are unhygienic.

You have been a goat climber for long and now you think everybody engages in the act