How the black skin colour will disappear by 2099


Rangi haiendi mahali,ushaijaribu kuosha rangi ya wino kutoka kampuni inaitwa mbuni?

If africans don’t meter the chinese influx their color will be diluted.
who will ever know that obama senior was as black as coal?
black or brown is healthy. white/pink is a disorder.


Black skin will never ever be diluted. Even millenniums of intermarriages will never dilute it

It can be diluted. They can if they make sure that all the black men marry white girls and all black women are married to white men

I disagree. Don’t know much about science, but I know that the black genes are very strong. Veeery strong. Just look at the mixed race kids around you, our course hair stands out and bone structure. Remove the Black Americans from this equation as they carry genes from all over the world stretched over eons. Focus on an indigenous black…from Africa…
For instance 2 Black Americans can give birth to a child that is all white…the same cannot be said about Kamau from Muchatha and Alicia from Manchester…

all races and languages will mix and merge its inevitable , if humans survive that long then we will all be brown one day speaking one language

Sema disappear in the USA not world , we have a continent with 90% pure Africans

It has been proven , interbreeding with whites by the fifth generation the black colour disappears. So its possible given USA is 76% white if aggressive interbreeding happens it will go 100% white


Obama is only second generation and he looks more white than black. Same case with Margaret Kenyatta, Peter Kenneth, Esther Passaris et Al. So it means that black colour can easily be diluted with time. Hata Wakikuyu in the 60s were charcoal black but nowadays we are all yerrow yerrows including truly yours.

M**o? Wacha zako!

So aprt from being 5’7" and weighing 50kgs you’re also a light skin? Kijana mzee inaonekana ata bass pia huna

So far tuko na brownskin wawili, you and mutura Dom, do you do pilsners

I have a bass. I don’t drink pilsner

Hehe mbitika bana don’t you know that if you shake your own family tree all manner of races and tribes e.g Maasai will fall out???

That is why you are alive and healthy today because your family seed has been disseminated far and wide over the centuries to keep your gene’s healthy and for survival.

If your family seed was kept firmly within one race or tribe you wouldn’t exist today or you would be horribly disfigured.

Having said that if one of the children of this couple above marries a very dark Nigerian dude they will sire a darker complexioned baby among lighter kids and so on and so forth. If that darker complexioned kid later marries another dark complexioned man, no one will ever know there was a mzungu in that family, such is the folly and stupidity of racism or race identity.

You might hate a certain race or tribe but you don’t know whether you have an ancestor who belonged to that race or tribe. @ChifuMbitika

True Mkubwa. I know that my family has got genes from Okuyu land, Maasai, Embu and Tharaka

Probably even mzungu as well. :smiley:

Highly probable you also have Somali bloodlines. You see we rely largely on mzungu altered history that tends to say that whites were always superior yet it is known that there were white slaves in Africa. White concubines bought by wealthy black merchants.

There were white people on the African continent much earlier than akina Vasco da gama. There is a reason why Ethiopians and some Somalis have Caucasian features. And yet they are just next door to Kenya. Hizo features sio magic there is an explanation somewhere.

And has it occured to you that maybe we started out white and became dark. :D:D

Why are some Ethiopians so light yet they have been in Africa for millenia?

Na wewe ni yellow yellow mrembo