How Tanzania conquers East and Central Africa

The life and development of the country are not empty words. Tanzania is becoming very powerful and influential. People who are aware of international political issues cannot dispute this.

Empty words and sarcasm cannot remove the reality.

Leaders of the country who know many issues are moving closer to Tanzania. Because Tanzania is the feature of Africa.

Foolish people embrace history that has changed and many things are now different.

British influence is decreasing day by day. So socialist countries are coming up and getting stronger every day.

There are many things that make Tanzania reliable by many countries in Africa.

  1. Tanzania’s position is unwavering.

  2. Tanzania has strengthened itself politically and is building an unshakeable foundation.

  3. Tanzania’s international policy position is known.

  4. Tanzania has many natural resources and has begun to use them well

  5. The leadership of the CCM party has created a strong pillar in the country.

Socialism and Self-Reliance is the foundations of Tanzania

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