Was just wondering about this the other day. How many years/governments are we from legalizing the mighty herb?
I noticed lot of non-African companies sending scouts to kenya and Africa at large to forecast the feasibility, surely these people must have something up their sleeves?
Also, I think if more couples smoked, we’d be hearing less about domestic issues in this quarantine period.
Ive personally been smoking a lot more these past weeks

It’s probably not happening in our lifetime but I think it should be legalized

Yes,heal the nation…ondoa [SIZE=1]fobe[/SIZE][SIZE=4] inaua jamii na uchumi[/SIZE]

Kijana wacha bangi :cool::cool:

here’s the problem. Weed is falsely labeled as the worst of the worst by the religious community who ironically do not have a clue about it. Now, these guys occupy the lawmakers dockets, or are trying to please the religious community. So short answer, not likely.

You are no different from the faggots like @Kodiaga @uwesmake who daily scream from their rooftops for bum fucking to be legalised in Kenya
I mean, weed is readily available everywhere in Kenya hata lodwar so if you like it, buy relax listen to some cool music or go to nature or whatever suits you light up and enjoy your premium joint in peace. Dont rub it in the face of everyone that you love weed. Its more of a controlled drug in Kenya, much like those heavy painkillers or psychotic drugs which you find used in hospital daily but you must have a prescription for. Personally i would kick the hell out of my class 4 son if i found him smoking. Legal or not


i have a feeling weed legallity will feature immensely in the next elections coz leaders have no real content or vision SO some will jump on the bandwagon to legalise weed so as to get clout … it might be legalised soon . Pesa ikikosekana and investors want to plant weed , hio bill itapelekwa bunge ipitishwe haraka sana… have hope !

I mean I’m sure they see whats going on worldwide even in malawi/south Africa. Those economies will get a huge push from weed alone over the next 10 years, but it’ll probably go to the white business owners and not the citizens. At least weed for industrial usage at first to ease people’s minds. I’m honestly not saying never, for now

Look man, I don’t know who hurt you but whoever it is, probably didnt tell you that weed isnt just to be smoked, it has tons of use in multiple industries that can help unemployed youth in this country and the massive debt we face as a nation. Instead of thumping your chest online maybe you should pick up a book and put down the stupid stick. Dingbat

I mean that ken okoth bill and other petitions have been featuring this matter. Kenya is having so many cancer cases, I’ve personally lost several members in my family to cancer, I can only imagine how helpful medical marijuana would be to families that can’t afford expensive cancer meds, and how the sick will be able to live longer, gain appetite etc.
Yeah, I’m hopeful. Time will tell

Weed has its medical use. But just like any drug, it has it’s (side effects) and should be controlled. Not so much like prescription drugs but more like alcohol. One side effect is that it is more often a precursor to harder drugs. People who do crack or heroine or meth were hard weed users. 2nd weed sometimes leads to mental issues down the line. Check the history of people in the psychiatric ward and you will see. Also weed does have an effect on IQ. Daily usage causes irreversible change in IQ. Not large but quantifiable.

You are grossly underestimating the grip that religion has amongst our law makers, whether truly practicing religious members, or trying to please the religious heads for their own reasons. But it will slowly change. Hard, but one day it will.

If you compare weed and alcohol side effects side by side, it will be mind boggling why alcohol is legal while the other isn’t. Even between cannabis and tobacco.

Need some edibles, Moshi inanyoga

Utamu wa bangi ni kjjificha

I looked at your profile Pic and read this response, and burst out laughing :smiley:

Only in a poverty stricken bonobo country where legalizing weed is among the top most agenda. I would say that it should be legalized so that bonobo will smoke to death but I am wise enough to know that for a country to progress it needs everyone.

Weed cannot be legalized because its price will go down. Without curfews and lockdowns and roadblocks on its supply chain weed will become like cabbages,

Pole if i hurt your feelings. But just do this experiment, go to your village back home. Wachana na hapa clean working class folk, look for people who smoke weed and those who do not . Also look fo a mzee who has been smoking for 50yrs like ten of them and observe versus non smokers. There lies your answer
On the industrial use hehe is that the only option we have? yaani bonobos tumeshindwa akili mpaka bangi tu ndio tutaproduce hehe why not advocate for a rise in electronics industry? Massive leatheer proccesing final products? Textiles? Manufacturing? Does it have to be drugs?

Vuta mbagi polepole