How singo mathas raise their sons


it seems the whitemans agenda of homosexualizing the black americans is working, but in africa tuliambia HOMOOBAMA TAWEEEEEEEE.

and if we dont CHECK the ACTIVIST JUDICIAL OFFICERS PLANTED BY WILLY MUTUNGA this is the way we are headed

they are really trying to fck up society…

someone in this kijiji said that our society has been raped enough by these backward , unnatural , neanderthal behavious… hii ni cave man tabia we shouldnt tolerate…

…hehe women are no longer raising men… That’s why nowadays wanadai there are no men to marry their daughters.

You got that right. All these are spirits za ufeminazi and they end up in lgbtq.

The only interesting thing nimeona kwa hio IG yake ni hii.

It’s horrifying to learn what their great great great grandfathers went through during slavery.
@patco have you watched this documentary ?

what is the end game? wanaume straight watabaikia na surplus ya kunguru,wazitombe,wakue singo mathas tena…stupid agenda if i do say so my self.But ni america,anything beyond the fringes of social norm is deemed an agenda,they’ve always had fags and rug munchers in the cabinet anyway since kitambo so no surprises there

where can i get this doc nimetafuta kwa torrents onge

Only available in Amazon at the moment.
Wacha tungoje itafika tu kwa torrents

I thought your forte is watching underage porn?!

If you feminize men and make women masculine,society declines and moral decay increases to the point where lines of good and bad gets blurred.Also,if men are feminized then who will defend and protect society?No one,so if you are a dictator already in power,you can do as you please and society won’t be able to dethrone you.Everyone will be busy fighting each other to ever unite and challenge you.there will be people who will see what you are doing and will try to unite the divided people to dethrone you,those are the people who you’ll arrest as soon as you the people are starting to following them.Otherwise,you can ignore them or call them crazy.I forgot to also add that before society declines,you would also sneak in laws that will make marriage unfavorable to men (divorce rape).By the way,feminism began when zybignsky (not sure about the spelling) and his fellow intelligence officers,did an operation where they gave some women cigarettes.they paid the women for just being seen publicly with the cigarettes in their hands,it was some kind of festival or parade and the women were intermingled with the crowd.Back then women being seen with cigarettes was unusual,githeri media back then publicized it and here we are today.In summary,hata marriage ikemewe aje,without majority of society being married,ni kubaya


Wacha niitwe old fashioned kama hapa ndio tunelekea.

huyo singo matha naeza mkunja proper.