How should I rectify spelling error on birth certificate and which was carried down to my ID

Mathe aliandikisha my first name vibaya. Instead of Barbarius aliandikisha babarius (the first ‘r’ is omitted). And during my ID application I was reluctant to change the name on the birth certificate hence the name was carried down to my ID. I have used Barbarius for my kcpe, Kcse and degree. I feel italeta shida iwapo nitaenda kuapply green card or passport. Adding that ‘r’ will match my academic name with my official name. When do I start to rectify these mistakes?

Sworm affidavit

Babarius is also good, it is African unlike barbaric :smiley:

Wewe nikama ulitaka tujue Jina yako otherwise the info you needed is a Google search away and a cost of 500.

Yaani kilamtu wana hopes za kuwa selected for greencard… enyewe Kenya is a shietHolE. Everyone wants out.


Where are you going to tulia hii shithole kasee:D

Not sure you can change the name on your birth certificate- because it wasn’t your choice legally. But you can change your name.

Niki patana mtu aniambie ati jina yake ni barbarius naweza cheka tu:D

Badala ya ku correct enda utoe hiyo jina kabisa.

Enda pale Bishop’s house and ask for help at the Department of Civil Registration

Nearly everyone I know…amejaza green card…my other friends left on Wednesday last week. Kwani watu mmeamuaje?

Jina Kama hiyo unafaa kubadilisha.

But the real question is mbona mzazi akuite Barbarius bana? Sikatai it is just a name but the meaning and origin is not something you would wish to call your kid.

I recently did this. Changing a spelling mistake on the birth certificate is easy. Just go to the place where your birth certificate was issued and explain your case. It wont even take a week and you have a new birth cert. Carry photocopies of all your academic documents. You can also change the name on your ID but here the process will be akin to where you are applying for a brand new ID. Damages is 1000. When I was applying for a passport, it was urgent na singengoja hiyo ID na birth certificate with the correct spelling zitoke kwanza so kwa zile documents za passport immigration officer aliweka clause mahali kunotify the correct spelling that should be used.

Alikuwa anataka kukuita Barabbus juu your real father ni mwizi sugu wa kila kitu, including nyap, lakini akaona afiche chini kiasi so only the wise could decode

:D:D who calls their child barbarius, hii ni baruya ya pungoma

Kuna jirani mwingine baba is a very very very staunch SDA sasa akaita kijana Sabath.

In some countries I know , that would be a simple 20 minutes process …

Here , be prepared for a lengthy , bribe ridden , opaque , inefficient and stressful process …

That’s the way business is conducted in Government Offices …

Bure Kabisa …:mad::mad:

Its like that all over Africa

done that too, corrected an error in my birth cert then ID.Affidavits will be required.