How should I do it to smash her


There is a lady I had a crush on at workplace. She’s older by 2 years. We used to joke at each other and so one day I took her for lunch, pale Kamakis kula choma on a weekednd, about a month ago. After the lunch we strawled and later spent the night at my place.
I had no intentions of smashing her as I took it as just a staff friend. So I got transfered to our branches near my residential estate and we hardly see each other. She sent a whatsapp that she missed my house. I also jocked at it that she should come over this weekend and keep me company, and apparently she agreed to it.
i have started developing feelings for her and I’m planning to smash her but I don’t know just how to start it to her when she comes. What should I do?

Teenage & homosexual problems…
juvenile meffi takataka thread


How old are you again?

UMMEFFI thread. Do you want us to provide you with a manual on how to fuck a woman? Ghasia takataka


Stop behaving like an inexperience bull. Mount her!


be kind to the boy

If you had a crush on her, smash hio kitu itoe moshi. Don’t hesitate. You even made a mistake first time kulala na yeye kama dada yako.
But be ready to enter Embobut forest incase she starts misbehaving.

Hehe OP anachapwa sweep moto moto

mliomba kabla mlale??:D:D ama ali suddenly develop a headache after noticing your vagina

Hehe, she already thinks you have some kind of problem. You can only joke with a woman upto a point–and don’t fool yourself, she knows it. You are the only one joking. Which man gets a girl in bed then he doesn’t want to get closer, for warmth? You continued to joke there too? Just tell her it’s kinda cold and snuggle close. Leave the rest to your bodies, they know what to do.

enyewe wewe ni umbwa tu vile @Sokwe mtu amesema.

Haha ulinunua nyama Kamakis,

Chifu uko na fujo sana, bibi ya cousin alitulia?

that indecision could be ur instincts or sense no.6 trying to save u. vitu kama hizi hufaa kuflow bila kukugwara akili…let it be. pia she a colleague…i assure u, job loss sio mchezo

Hapana tomba Toto. Tomba mama

He could be your son asking for heop

Vile @ChifuMbitika amesema