How Sakaja is spending your county billions

Spending millions on billboards while mama mboga na hasora hawana bursary and the city is sinking in garbage.

Most @Use Less Gavana efa.
Watu city hole wanakula tau tau.

You get what you voted for. Am more in ushango nowdays…getting fresh air and garbage free environment. Kelele me hupata mostly ni ya miti ikiyumbayumba na ndege zikilia

Unafanya biashara gani huko kaka. Am torn between settling in Juja farm (plot) au ocha Githunguri.

Niko mostly real estate which i dont have to go to office kila siku. So most of the time siko kanairo

Ocha kama uko na project kama ngombe ni poa coz they need someone to be on the ground. Ukiwachia wafanya kazi farm watakumaliza kapsaa. Some of those cows are expensive and need to be handles with care. …ukipata kijana wa kazi wa bangi aanze kuchapa ngombe yako ya grade iingize stress you’ll be lucky kukamua one cup

Just small scale farming to keep busy. I have planted alot of fruit trees too…nawekeza kila mahali. Cant keep all your eggs in one basket

Sakaja hafai

Been hapa ushago for 2 years straight. Must say,gains have been immense

What exactly is the use of that billboard? Is he still campaigning?! He should make Nairobi work by collecting garbage, providing water and electricity, managing sewage, organizing traffic, cleaning markets and boosting security, instead of putting up photos of himself smiling over the mess.

This is paradise. A very underrated feeling. Shit mimi sitoki uku

Impressing bonobo, making them feel like they are cared for. You know whats even very strange, all these things were actually predicted in high school set books that I read.

Si wewe unakuwaga Embu…!! Settle huko

Bado soo peaceful n fresh air…

You forgot to mention the outhouse toilets, lack of piped water and idlers everywhere wakidoea vitu za wengine. If ushago was a paradise, why is most migration in the world rural-urban migration?

Wewe wachana na Sakoja

@Lionheart :

Wishful Thinking …

I hope by 2027 , Voters will have come to their senses …
Otherwise , We are doomed …

Shenzi Kabisa …:mad::mad:

Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici.