How rich are escorts?

They get paid 3k or 2k everytime they fuck, could they be millionaires?

“Pesa huja fanya kazi ni bure tu” 99.9% ya lanyes don’t invest wisely

I have also been wondering the same. Malanye na pia hawa influencers wa Instagram…they charge exorbitantly for their services. They must be billionaires. Like I saw Azziad charges kitu 500K for her nonsense. If she gets 5 deals per month, ameomoka. But kwa ground vitu huwa different sana.

They rearly invest. You’ll often see them boasting on social media wearing designer, in expensive restaurants, almost every night at clubs buying expensive liquor and on vacation almost every other month.

The problem with easy money is that it goes as fast as it comes. Combine that with the fact that most women are financially indiscipline and you get many hoes who come out of their prime with nothing to show for it.

Maraya hufanya umaraya juu hawana akili. The same mental characteristics that make them risk-loving and careless are the same that make them unlikely to succed. Success is a mindset or as the great Kanye West put it “Freedom is a choice”

they rip the harvest for season arent you the same guys that say she hits the wall and goes back to church by thate fae?


They dont make enough to invest. If they charge 2k per time, they often share the money with the base owner. They probably have to pay 1k a day to operate from Goodhope for example. At the end of the day, if they sleep with 90 men a month, they only take home 45K,

Classic error. You overestimate the number of men that are willing to blow 2k or 3k on a whore. Wako wengi, but they are vastly outnumbered by the kungurus. So utapata jamaa hata akilipia kuma 3k he does it only once a month or less. Men don’t blow money on women as much as you think they do. Drinks watanunua lakini kuma kulipia 3k ni ngumu sana. The average man is still moral to some extent so hata akiwa na pesa hatadinyana venye unafikiria.

A very hot whore will get screwed like thrice a week. Tuseme hata alipishe 3k each. That’s just 36k. Na nimesema 3 times a week considering clubs (before covid) are only busy on Fridays and Saturdays. Whoring is not a profitable business in Nairobi for the simple reason that the competition is too stiff. Oversupply of kungurus and undersupply of moneyed men.

36k kunguru ako na mtoto/watoto na other expenses. The amount can’t take her far ukiongeza expenses za kung’ethia club sipping 1 fanta for 3 hours and bribing bouncers wasifukuzwe. Even a very active kunguru akiunda 50k in a month, the cost of living in Nairobi, kids (99.9999999% of lanyes are mothers), poor family background (kutumia wazazi pesa), KFC/Salon/beauty etc which kungurus with money find impossible to resist, coupled with zero financial education. The odds of that kunguru digging her way out of poverty drops to almost zero. Kuna wengine hata huishi wakiwa groups kwa apartments kushare rent.

The only way out of the dumpster for a lanye in Nairobi ni kupatana na sponsor amekafunga na anatoboka vizuri, ama kuolewa na beta male fala fulani. The average lanye hukuwa already trapped in the rat race because of all those factors and lack of a marketable skillset. Without a marketable skillset and mouths to feed, she will suck dicks like nobody’s business. In her twenties ako Ngong Rd, Kiambu Rd na CBD, in her 30s anaingia downtown, in her 40s analipisha mia mbili Luthuli/River Road, in her 50s hakuna mtu ananunua kuma, anaingia soko kuuza viazi na wale wamama wengine.

Kuna PIMP/protection fee even if u dont see them wako area. Ukileta upuss PIMP anatokea ghafla bin vuu. Pia lazima ujenge makarao fiti on a schedule otherwise base inaeza raidiwa or washikwe coz it is illegal. Lastly, many escorts are also hard core addicts of expensive drugs…kwanza wa uptown. Wanalipwa doe and use the cash mainly to maintain their expensive drug habits. Huezi jua izo dakika kidogo uko na wao but most use drugs thats why wanaeza kulwa na watu mbao siku moja na wasiskie mbaya.

Buda boss, the younger and more attractive call girls make way much more. The income you just quoted is for postwall kungurus.

Hujapata dame online anakwambia 10k na habanduki?

10K ni coz PIMP anachukua 9,500. Hao online mara mob unachat na PIMP usijidanganye, most times itakua mwanaume unachat na yeye. Ukipiga simu ndio dame mmoja atapewa. Hawa escorts wanakuanga very organized but wataact kama mafala.

Not really. Mwanamke wa kulipisha 10k ni student anatafuta pocket money. Ni mtu anataka kukuliwa mara moja ama mbili pekee kwa mwezi. Ama unafikiria ni watu wangapi hulipia online whore 10k?? You must be very naive kufikiria mwenye analipisha 10k na habanduki anaunda pesa mingi than wa 3k ama 2k. Huyo wa 10k atapata just one client or two per month. The average man on the street is not as wasteful as you think.

Some hoes in their prime will have monthly returning customers paying well. It’s like she’s on their payroll and some sense of entitlement will kick in. When she’s telling it’s 10k, it’s because she might want your money but she can do without it.

Whores with a steady stream of clients paying 10k don’t hawk pussy online.

So hao unaona online ni wenye wanapata maybe just one or 2 customers a month.

Back to you Maina in studio that was Our esteemed PHD IN KUNGURUNOMICS professor Azhor Azai :D:D:D:D

I have been to the mean streets of Nairobi so I know. Anyone that has raved in tao and Westy for almost 10 years or more will know most of this stuff.

Ata Lanyez nliokota Kempinski hawakuitisha more than three K a night walikuwa wawili wakadai niwa sort food, drinks , drugs na nwishikie Uber hadi kwao nliwatomba the whole weekend after kuwalewesha Open Bar ya corporate Kmepinski

Risks involved are also very high STIs

wewe kijiji yote inajua 99% of your words are untruths and disinformation .