How Raila foolishly ceded power

Warning: Long Read

Raila Odinga doesn’t realize it now but the monster he created in the name of Miguna Miguna will swallow him whole.

The biggest beneficiary of the fake inauguration was not Raila but Miguna. Before that pitiful exercise, Miguna was on all airwaves telling us that he’ll be the one to swear in Raila. This created huge ripples inside NASA as many people were already tired of the election and wanted to begin dialogue talks between the government as the different foreign ambassadors were planning to help deliberate in.

This caused huge divisions in NASA’s top leadership. And in turn, allowed Miguna behind the scenes began recruiting the younger more charismatic characters within NASA and formed what we know today as NRM.

The true purpose of NRM was a political vehicle for Miguna he LOUDLY! stated that he was it’s General. This declaration allowed Miguna to gain closer access to Raila and begin confusing the old man hence why the different inauguration dates and the brash statements Raila was making. Kalonzo, on the other hand, was not amused because his position and worth within the coalition had become smaller. Let’s fast forward.

Okay, during the day of the inauguration the plan was to have Raila swear himself in at noon with Kalonzo. But that didn’t go to plan because the government withdrew the security team guarding them because they received intel that men dressed in police officers uniforms were planning to attack Kalonzos house and have it blamed on the government. Which would have caused the crowd at Uhuru Park to go into a murderous frenzy? Thankfully crisis was averted… But it allowed Miguna to be the one to stand very close to Raila and begin achieving his ultimate agenda of finishing him off.

The raid on Miguna’s House wasn’t even because of the swearing in. But because he used shadowy elements( Aladwa) to try and remove Kalonzo from the picture and Kalonzo returned the favor by having him implicated in a plot to assassinate him.

For that Miguna toiled in jail for 7 days biding his time and knowing very that the police won’t get anything on him. And this allowed his NRM counterparts to start building public pressure on the government hence why we saw youths in Migori and Kibera burning tires on the streets.

With public pressure mounting the government discovered that Miguna didn’t even have a Kenyan passport or any form of Kenyan iD and they saw this as a loophole to exploit. When Miguna was being ferried to Kajiado and being bought Pati Pati, Matangi on the other hand in contact with JKIA was preparing his deportation flight back home and even contacted Dutch authorities that they were deporting an illegal alien back to Canada.

This move was like checkmate on Raila. The move by the government to deport Miguna was unwarranted and shocked many. But it fell in Miguna’s favor as now he’d become the sole opposition voice against the government and will be seen as a revolutionist fighting a tyrannical government. This allows Miguna to get funding and support for his cause in ways Raila has failed in achieving.

NRM have kept the guy trending for a couple of weeks now, even pressuring a judge to give orders for his return. So they could bring back there general who will fight Jubilee. His return will bring the largest crowd to welcome him back. The more Miguna fights the government abroad the stronger he’ll look to Raila’s base as someone who can fight for them…

Miguna Miguna is not a threat to UhuRuto. He is a huge threat to Raila since he will actually destabilize the power Raila holds in Nyanza. A checkmate move…

Disclaimer this is nothing more but conjecture and is not supported by any evidence. And is my opinion…

Sandi sana, a Miguna homecoming will be epic. The last nail on babas coffin

Kwenda leta results za Mureithi na Babu. I want to celebrate with my neighborhood for our newly elected MP.

At least nikuwe na MP neighbour.

The furthest Miguna will step on Kenyan soil will be at JKIA as he waits his return flight to Canada

Good analysis,… actually got me thinking that the only thing in people’s lips after 'Rais Mkuu swearing ’ is Miguna Miguna,

This is one theory that might be true… Someone talked about the government walking around with a big hammer. Silkal knows everything about this but baba haoni. Baba entertaining M2 is sinking his own boat.

Utaambiwa mara ngapi mpaka by-election ifanywe if the court finds the results invalid?

Big mitsake, let him come, give him police outriders with sirens blaring mpaka Uhuru park and then watch as M2 is clowned as king. Baba will be history

Hizi kula zahesabiwa na slow motion, @Okwonkwo amelala huko na bado Hana new update

Let the fights begin.
Picha ni baada ya vita.

You cannot eat into Raila’s voter base, i have been deep into Gem, Ugunja etc and people do not realize how much Raila is loved by people,he is a Demi-god to Luos and a large number are ready to take a bullet for him, Go against him and you are from those sides no matter how development oriented you are you will loose relevance.Raphael Tuju did a lot of excellent work when he was MP but just because he was seen to be pro Kibaki, he was swept away by the ODM wave. Miguna also became a big enemy and could hardly make it as MP when he tried vying, he could also hardly get votes same as the governorship race. Miguna is now an asset to Nasa, he has given it a lot of airtime and publicity and he also helped ODM gain publicity during the orange-banana referendum that made them win against a new constitution. As a Luhya i know that Wetangula and Mudavadi will have to remain in Nasa, should they quit and join Jubilee their goose is cooked and they will end up like Eugene Wamalwa,Lusaka and Namwamba, they will need the votes in future. If you want to gain relevance in Luo Nyanza you have to be seen to be closer to Raila,i do not care who you are you will never take the Kinpin title from Raila unless he authorizes it

Baba does not share. Ask Namwamba, ask even that very same Miguna what happened when he started breeding ambitions. With someone like Raila probably his powerbase will be split up by many hungry wolves once he is gone. Otherwise huyu mzee atakufa na chama. Na 2022 he’ll probably run again.


David Ndii ~August

Baba ashajua hiyo ndio maana Amerudi odm, lazima amalize NASA and NRM

VC rudi ulale. Umelewo.

True people will just have to wait for Raila to be gone before they make moves, which will not be in 2022, Raila can easily take votes in western not because people seem him as a Demi-god like in Nyanza but because he is seen to be the strongest anti-Mt.Kenya.i doubt M.M*2 can become the next flag-bearer of Nasa as things are going, maybe the next kingpin long after Raila is gone

He’ll still hold on to his supporters, Even Moi and Kibaki still have supporters.

Here’s an interview from 2016 looks like Miguna sounds like he wanted Raila to give him the torch.

I hope ‘baba’ runs in 2022. That will guarantee ‘kumi na tano tena’

NASA died. The new acronym is NCPA

From here to 2022 is very far away and anything could happen.