How Pastor Oscar "Came And Went".....Sad!

Pastor Whose Steamy Encounter with Female Church Member Was Leaked on WhatsApp Found Dead

written by Samantha October 23, 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Reverend Oscar Nyasha Mukahanana, the Harare East District Superintendent, was found dead following an adulterous scandal involving a church member.

The scandalous affair came to light when an audio recording of the pastor’s secret meeting with the lady was leaked on the church’s WhatsApp group. The revelation led to widespread humiliation and ridicule, eventually culminating in the tragic demise of the clergyman.


According to reports by Daily Mirror News, the audio captured Rev. Mukahanana boasting about his affair with the young woman.

The leaked recording swiftly spread among church members, who not only mocked him but also circulated memes ridiculing the District Superintendent. The relentless humiliation left the clergyman deeply distressed, leading him to take his own life on Friday, October 20.

UMC Harare East District confirmed the heartbreaking news on its official Facebook page, urging the church community to support the grieving Mukahanana family through their prayers. Mourners gathered at the District Parsonage over the weekend, with the funeral service scheduled to be held at Cranborne Circuit on Monday, October 23, at 9 am.

The late pastor’s final resting place will be at Zororo Cemetery, with the burial ceremony set to commence at 2 pm.

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This world isn’t your home, he was only passing through. Only, pass by quietly, don’t brag about banging anyone on the way.
Besides, he looks unhealthy, unfit for intensely exciting situations


Kesi ndogo sana. Having sex is no big deal.
Makosa iko wapi surely? Na alikuwa anafanya kazi ya buana


Sinning with pride. Having promised to live an exemplary life, and to condemn adultery, he’s not as free as Tapeli Mkuu, who promises nothing.