How old is @Azor Ahai?

This week, @Azor Ahai said he is 30 years old. Today in a comment, he mentioned that he lived in Nyeri for 6 years, that was 12 years ago. Let’s assume he completed high school at 19 years and never went to college b4 living in nyeri, his age, going by this information, should be 19+6+12 = 37 years. If he went to college in another town but not Nyeri, his age should be 19 + 4 +6 +12 = 41 years



And if he lived in Nyeri for the first six years of his life, his age should be 6+12 = 18. What’s your point :D:D

I knew you were trying to guess my age in that comment asking me “secondary or working” that’s why I ignored it.

Musito wachana na kujua miaka ya wanaume…Kuna threads za Russia na Ukraine …twende tupige Putin sympathizers akina @Sambamba

In high school now, of course, not here spewing investment and manosphere wisdom as you do

His Excellency Azor Ahai’s true age is 18-70 years.

I think the most we can infer is that when he was in high school, he lived in Nyeri.
When I was new here alikua ananiita young man. While he was in high school, I was almost getting married!
Then kunilecture mambo ya wanawake, while I was probably already in triple digit numbers from minimum 20 different countries before he had even finished high school!

Its very easy to estimate my age from my posts if you are intelligent.

Azor ahai is about 27 to 32 years old.

He Joined K.U in 2010/2011 and completed his degree in 2014/2015.

He joined highschool in 2005/2006 and completed in 2009/2008.

He finished standard 8 in 2004/2005

kwani unadai aged mkia?

Azor Muhahi is 36 years old. He made ksh 15 million at the age of 29 years, a year before his 30th birthday. He owns villas in London and Rome and has vast acres of land in Russia where he grows wheat and sunflower. His fleet of vehicles includes sleek European cars, Mitsubishi lorries and Mercedes trailers.

Ilikuwa 10 million from crypto. I remember him deleting a post about it.

Did he convert it into ksh?

Why would one be concerned about the age of another man? If it was a woman it would make sense because it translates to beauty and fertility

It is only in this forum ndio nimeona people wako obsessed na anonymous user

Unadai kujua kama ni pre wall?

Kuja pole pole msitu na ile pro-Putin handle

This is the fourth year in a row saying he is 30 years with 4 more handles.

my estimate