How old are you

Hold up, how old is everyone here? Online is where you will have people in their 50s arguing with teens. I don’t think the Village Elder designation is enough. Imagine an oldie like @FieldMarshal CouchP or a mid lifer like…wacha tu, mixing up their perspective with views of youngsters like @Mzee mzima

Lazima watu wacheze na rika zao.

I’ll start, I’m in my early 20s lol. M2Random said it is ok to be a girl at this age

I’m 24yrs . My birthday ni next week. Gifts zije kwa upesi

uwezi kuwa in your early 20s,i suspect late 60s,you must be a fossil.

I am 92 yrs old.

10 years old

You ask us a question that yourself don’t feel comfortable answering but unataka sisi tujibu somehow

I’m a zygote.

Kijana, nothing more, nothing less.

Niaye madam wa Lexus.

26…turning 27 soon niache kupata hizo texts za Blaze

Old enough to _______ wewe. ama wacha tu.

usiku njema multihandler.

Am one of the multitudes who crossed river Jordan to canaan

hio mimba inakusumbua,and don’t ew me shaitan hii



It doesn’t take a genius kujua wewe ni wa 1993.

For the record, I am still in love with you. You are crazily, intelligently sexy…

I’m ageless since I’m actually an AI.

AIs aren’t ageless.

Huoni username yake ni girciki93 which means she was born in 93 so she’s probably 24 with a birthday in November or December.