How often do you de-worm?

i’m skeptical about this, but hey.

2/3 times a year when deworming my kiddo. And it should be taken with a meal, preferably a fatty meal…most chemist operators tell you to take the meds on an empty stomach


28 years ago


Why woulda grown man allow another man to touch their mouth that way? Si they can just swallow some proper medicine or something bana!!! WTAF!

While at it which is the best tabs for worms as well as amoebiasis?



Ushuhuda inasema people with cancer have seen tremendous improvement after taking these medications.

I dewormed over 10 years ago.

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Once or twice a year will save you some ailments down the line, you can also adopt to eating foods that have antiparastic properties.

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Huoni hio ni dawa ya ng’ombe?

In some jurisdictions you use animal medicine, since you can’t buy human prescribed medications without a doctor’s prescription.
Vitu kama antibiotics huwa na nunua za samaki, that way i don’t have to go see a doctor for minor infections.

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