How ODM has neglected ailing Norman Magaya

According to ODM’s Deputy Communications Director, Seth Odongo alias Dikembe Disembe, Raila Odinga directed that Magaya needed to be attended to as a top priority.

Was Magaya a permanent odm dependent?

the big question is was he Poisoned?

Bright people soiling their futures engaging in politics. Jackoyo Midiwo left parliament a poor man, most mp’s are poor and ailing, and survive on handcheque to handcheque. Politics and Sex should not be allowed for poor men

Mbona unaongea na Hasira hivi

What us happening hapa ? Digiism at its worst

don’t bring us “undiginified” news

It happens all the time, employers dismiss their employees on medical grounds and that marks the end of the relationship between the two parties