How Obado's first day/night at industrial area Prison will be like

After court ruling…afisa @pamba immediately throws the ghasia Obado into a prsion bound lorry better known as mariamu.

Destination Inda. traffic is huge…as Obado is being pitishwad town pale Sonford he mezas saliva as he peeps through the mariamu window pales and watches the likes of @Tiriitiondo / jakenya enjoy there chips kavu. They now arrive at industrial area prison. Pamba hands over the mfungwa to the prison warder…an NYS graduate, mwili imekauka kama simiti…wait for it…its @blackguards who smiles as he receives Obado and tells him don’t worry sir your stay here will be awesome as he smiles with his mdomo kauka mouth.

Prison warder blakguards takes Obado to the stripping area where all prisoners are supposed to remove all their clothes wabaki ndethe. Reason for this is because lazima wapigwe terro…hadi kwa haga. In charge of this unit is non other than @uwesmake . He shouts kila mahabusu piga kabaa (to squat) as he enters yr rectum to search for any contraband. Baba Clichy loves his job so much…ati lazima mjue navy seals are trained for this. Pigaz Obado rectum check and says mzee swafi.

Next stop shower dept and kupewa uniform ya jela. After kuvaa uwesmake hands Obado back to blackguards…huyo ako safi …mpeleke Block D…Cell 254…ni VIP huko as they both laugh knowing ni wapi wanapeleka Obado.

Blackguards na rungu mkononi knocks the metal door of cell 254 and shouts we have fresh meat. Can the prisoner incharge of cell 254 approach the door. BG opens and as he ordered the prisoner incharge is at the door. Guess who it is. Mfungwa 113 named @Atwoli. Immediately he sees Obado he starts smiling and tells BG asanti sana baba…krismas come early hii.

Obado is pushed inside. Atwoli introduces himself…am Atwoli and my cell mates are Waweru pale kwa corner, @Smith_ ule karibu na ndoo ya choo , @sludgist ule anavuta rooster, @Bingwa…ule msomali unaona palee . We have a special place for u Obado…unaona hio double mattress kwa corner… That’s your own. Us…we are okay kulalia simiti…we respect u sir and that is why we are giving u such a treatment. Karibu mhesh. Obado is like wow yawa i did’nt know i have fans here. You’re welcomed Obado. Please take a rest.

FFWD: At around 12 midnight Obado is deep asleep…he is awoken with a kibaree ya mgongo…he is like iko nini yawa ? Atwoli is there, Smith is there, Sludgist is there standing apo kando yake. They ask him, will u take it the easy way or the hard way? i dont understand omera…i thot i am a VIP…wharris? Obado is penduliwad like a gunia ya viazi and Atwoli has started chunisharing him sukuma…Sio kwa ubaya gavana hii ni dedication ya sharon…take it like a man…ghasia

Msee you have a thing for kuchunishana sukuma. Should we say, errr… you’re slowly accepting your ‘adventurous’ sexual tendencies?

he he he,kamidget ulikuwa umebakisha one more boil

Hurt migori resident u are


midget si unapenda story za ushoga na ulawiti. You must be a closet gay.

This is how I imagine @KaRadar_ dresses

:D:D:D fangi.

The moment nimeona anaongea kama watu wa subaru ( pitishwada, mezas, pewad, sukumuad) niliacha kusoma



Chokosh tangatanga kwa mapipa bila usumbufu, jinga kubwa


A very strong message is being send out there, it is not business as usual. Kama Obado atalala Inda then anybody can.

Hehehe. Jirani you are nuts

@Icecube kuja ona team footsubishi anakutusi.

Si kwa ubaya lakini if you write one more time about sukuma and Sonford utakipata…

Homosexuality in Kenyan prisons is not rampant. Rape of men by fellow cell mates in Kenya prison NEVER happens.
It happens in American prisons but not in Kenya. For one, Kenyan prisons are crowded af. You would need a cell to be full of homosexuals to be able to rape someone.
I think Kenyans watch too many movies that they think what they see in the movies is the reality. I asked about it from a few people I know who have been in and out of prison and they told me the same thing

Huyo ni mtu wa nissan shida (tida)