How ndindi nyoro was freed

“Mr Nyoro’s charges have been dropped unconditionally. He will not be presented to court after successfully [SIZE=6]negotiating[/SIZE] with government officials,” Mr Kang’ata(his lawyer) told the Nation without mentioning the said officials.

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We know the usual drill. Any politician, or business person not supporting the BBI publicly, and supporting Ruto publicly, will find it rough.
The cartels are shivering at the thought of Ruto inside State House.
A man who resolves what to do, and does what he resolves

He resolved to steal and went ahead and stole. And I will only reference what is in public domain: Weston and the kitale farm.

How big is is Weston hotel land? How much is its value? Yes he stole it. But Uhuru has stolen your children’s future. Your healthcare. Your prosperity. He has auctioned your country to foreigners. Ruto would never do that.

Sasa uyo sijui ndizi nyiri ama nyoro ame fabya watu Waka amini kuna deal between senior chinkororo DCI na kamanda

apparently ruto ni safi kama pamba …bullsh*t ! …ruto is not a saint !

Only dollar millionaires or astute businessmen should have ruto’s lifestyle not politicians , hii ni pesa yenyu aliiba …
When ruto anacontribute 2million per weekend you guys believe ati ruto is truely investing in heaven , acheni ujinga you idiots …


They said the same about children’s future when IMF and WB implemented SAPs in the 80s. I was a youngin then. Look at me now…
Ain’t that am defending thieves,no. Lakini let’s stop ascribing to people powers they do not have.
I hate it when I am reminded at every turn why I never voted…thievery and two ‘facedness’.

uko na ujinga. who owns the rest of the cars in our roads? si ata spiked ako na magari mingi kuliko uhuru? who owns the rest if the choppers at wilson if Ruto owns only four? If Ruto is associated with Amaco insurance who owns the other insurance companies? wewe uko associated na nini? Tulia wanaume wacheze siasa vile wanajua. Ruto ashafanya mahesabu zake, yours is only to watch, sawa?

How much was paid for the Dellamare complex? How much is Northlands City worth? What is the value of the merger between CBA and NIC? What about Brookside Dairy?

Stop masturbating.

There are very many factors to consider when choosing candidates. You are dwelling on thieves vs non thieves. Those are the things you should be least concerned about. Every politician is a thief. Look at the bigger picture. We need a person who is assertive. There are so many parents who are not thieves, but because they are not assertive si watoto wao wanatombwa na majirani?
Ukinunua gari uangalii tu factor moja. Gari inaeza kua na consumption kidogo, lakini engine ni mbovu, haina mataa, haiko stable, vitu mingi mbaya.
Gari ingine consumption yake iko juu sana, lakini iko comfortable, iko stable kwa speed za juu. Iko na engine mzuri. Mataa yake inafany ipasavyo. Si utasacrifice mafuta uchukue ile gari mzuri?

how can you expect a politician not to steal? uko kwa danguro na unasema malaya si wazuri wametombwa sana, politician lazima aibe, sababu tunajua mshahara ya president ni hela ngapi, na tunajua expenses za campaign ni hela ngapi.

I did not vote for UHURU & RUTO coz i saw how they handled govt from 2013-2017 …huko 2022 , i’ll vote for Kivutha Kibwana hata kama he will lose .

We all know Uhuru is corrupt , but , that does’t sanctify ruto …mwizi ni mwizi …
Kenyans should not have voted for ruto or uhuru … Use the little i.Q you have and think for once . Ruto ni Moi era season 2…embiciles !


Ruto ni moto sana

You threw away your vote. Next time don’t vote. Kivutha is not interested in the presidency

Boss,the thievery am talking of is not just the Weston type thievery. So its not an issue about thieves and thieves.
This is where the political understanding of Kenyans screams ignorance. Ati politician lazima aibe…why should that be so?
Ama wacha tu…

How much is a president paid? Can that salary sustain you as a president? Kuwa serious.

They are not opposing Ruto to protect your interests, sawa?