How Ndindi Nyoro built his business empire and wealth

Haha tumbili mathe

Hiyo ya nyoro ni ukweli…know the homie, but dont like him…the boy has a short circuit, that’s why.

According to you all rich or successful people in this country are thieves?

He is not a likeable person .Very proud and arrogant .Also akona kawivu fulani

Looooool ati businessman .The less I say about him the better .

leta hekaya mboss

This guy is talking about pumping millions into his businesses but nowhere is he mentioning sources of these millions…hata loan jamaa hajawai chukua…alitoa wapi hizo pesa. His story is sketchy.

This popularity thing once you get arrested…does it affect every politician au only those allied to Ruto?

Ayub savula and obado,are they more popular now?

Hii kelele mingi peleka kwa Chama cha kumtolea bond apana sumbua watu!

All rich politicians are thieves

Technically yes, including the poor or unsuccessful

kwani kila billionaire alikuwa anauza sweets kwa classmates ??

watu wengine hawataki kuskia, i cry for my beloved nation

I am not responsible for how your grey matter,interprets things.Live with what you understand

Any who starts their narratives from such scenarios wachana nao.

Siasa ya mo1 ya kustua na kutumia polisi ovyo ovyo !

Bro, I have told you that this place is full of losers who’s only achievement in life is to pull others down. Engaging them is akin to wrestling with pigs.

Michezo ya kutumbuiza maumbwa, Kenya ni kama akili Ina glitch… Smh

Nyoro seems to have hedged all his bets with Ruto .In a life where there are no guarantees ,I dont think this is a smart strategy .

Kibet wewe Apana support mtu wa nyumbani