How Nairobi expressway is remarkably changing Nairobi skyline.

Nairobi expressway


Uhuru amefanya kazi bwana.



If Uhuruto were still together zile thread mkuki angekuwa anaangusha hapa wacha tu.

What we now know for certain is that Raila Amolo Odinga controls Kenya’s media 101% just like the Dems in America do. Yaani corruption talk in Kenya iliisha kabisa after hand shake… :D:D:eek:


He doesn’t control shit. Media thrives in propaganda and the Lord of poverty thrives in that

Why are you contradicting yourself?

I’m clear.

Every Kenyan will pay for this project through crippling taxes yet it is only Nairobians who will benefit from it. Is this fair?

Cant wait to cruise in my F25 over them peasants

Buttco niaje

The road is a PPP project ie the chinese are investing their cash to build the road, then they will charge toll fees to motorists using the road to recover their cash. So the Kenyan tax payer will pay ZERO for the road and its only motorists using the road who will pay toll charges.

Wait, so hizi taxes zimeongezwa zinalipia nini?!

Zinalipia devolved govts huko counties.

Ukiona hii picha unaweza dhani vision 2030 iko karibu kua achieved.


I wonder whether this is daftness or ignorance.

Sadly the expressway will not solve traffic congestion challenge.

Here is a case study showing the folly of thinking wider or more roads reduces urban traffic gridlocks.

Katy freeway in Texas…

Loan repayments also consume a lot of GOK resources

I never get the idea behind such a project, looks like 3 lanes each way not very different from the roads that were there before - assuming all the traffic that existed before moves to this road what will stop the same traffic jams, especially considering a good chunk of the space below will not be usable.
We wait and see, I am sure the Chinese with their brilliant minds had factored all that, before they sunk their cash in.