How my 2k went down the drain in Ngara 'Massage'

I once went to a massage hapa river road, a hotel called [SIZE=6]spiral heights[/SIZE]. Then a fat black and ugly lady welcomed me she told me to get off my cloths but i demanded what I saw on the pic while negotiating, she had to eat a humble pie and bring her, a yellow yellow lady from tz. Slim and fit, size yangu kabisa.
I think what happens is that they own this massage rooms/parlours and they have employed this young ladies, and since they pay them, they prefer to offer the services so that they can not pay these ladies more money…

Those massage thingys are a scum. Many of those are jist whore houses for those who want sex but for those who just want a nice massage and go home? Bad idea.

1500 kinyozi:D:D:Dreckless spending will make you poor

Shida yako…ulienda kutafuta malanye wa meno brown huko korogocho halafu ukachomeka, sasa unacomplain. I know some very decent prostitutes wanakupea kwa heshima hadi wewe mwenyewe unaongeza doo.
Hizo story za the lord peleka mbali. If you want to discover what you have been missing, enda pale good hope. Ambia waiter akushow madem wale wapoa. Utapenda.

:D:D i’m as straight as an arrow it’s sjust that i don’t do transactional shika-pesa-leta-mali sex. lazima nikatie mtu na lugha.


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