How my 2k went down the drain in Ngara 'Massage'

So towards the tail end of my whoring days, I used to enjoy very good massage from my kinyozi gals (my kinyozi has a massage section - full body et al). It was like feeding the fantasy of pokostering, but without pokos - these gals were decent, at least those that I dealt with. However, one day I thought of upgrading…weee- the desire to have it done by someone hamjazoeana.

So I logged onto google/facebook and searched for massage…most of them indicated that they are based in ngara. I picked one whose photos that was very yellow yellow and she directed(after negotiating from 3k to 2k) me to a place just in the neighbourhood of Hennessis Hotel. At first I was afraid, didnt know what to expect but looking at the facebook interactions, she was very detailed on how the massage goes down…hadi dick massage etc. No negative comments from the guys who commented(most inquired coz men dont confess that they go to those places. Arent we all saved well behaved responsible fathers? Can I get an Amen!!) so I thought these guys must have tried and got some good experience, since none came back to the comments on their experience, or if indeed they visited the place.

Got to the place, and she directed me to a particular room - the place seemed open and interactive, so not a place you can be killed and your body not found. Knocked, went in. I found this landwhale hadi am about to ask her whose photo I saw on the net. Then it dawned me, I have just walked into a brothel like SJ and any other when she told me about my tough negotiation, ati “aki umelipa ni kama ni sex tu bila massage”…nikajua hii ni poko tu, hata kama iko na paybill number.

Next, she retrieves her massage paraphenalia (just a towel and some oil) from a locker nearby. She stripped naked, yaani zote kabisa (Oh my God, that sight enough to get anyone accept Christ if they were told that person will be in hell, walking naked) and asked me to follow suit. Nikatoa hadi nikabaki na boxer, she giggled and said “hata hiyo, ukae kama mimi.” Nikatoa na nikalala kwa 6 X 6 bed - not even a sensible massage bed. For the next 10-15 minutes, she was moving her oiled hands on my body, cant call that massage. Then she gave me a handjob and I left after showering.

She had 4 phones, and within the 15 minutes i was in her room - 7 men called, wakapewa bei 3k - massage plus extras. Mind you it was very late at night, at round 11:20 PM. From that experience, if I were a lady I would never trust a guy who comes home late.

I have never felt so cheated in my life…2k for what? My massage girls at the kinyozi would charge 1500 for a very decent professional massage, which has boundaries, like no touching my member etc.

FINALLY, I thank God for delivering me from the rabbit hole that is PROSTITUTION. Have a blessed weekend guys! For those struggling with this habit, it is POSSIBLE to come out, but believe and trust in the LORD because without his grace, you will fight it for the whole of your life and you will exit the earth an old disgraced individual, shameful of the collective mistakes that will be called your life.

Kama umetomba rabbit hole that’s not prostitution, it’s beastiality

You expected a free landwhale hand job?


Ungeomba beste yako MKia damages 25/ ya Vaseline

Weh! Yaani uligeuzwa tu ivo

Mbona wanaume mkipata goods are not as advertised huwa hamuulizi refund?

Why subject yourself into temptations ?

So, now that her massage paraphenalia consisted of just a towel and some oil, what more were you hoping she’d retrieve from the locker?

A vibrator?

Or walkaway immediately I have done that so many times

Massage nonsense is no longer in vogue… but the devil has more surprises for you! He will still come up with new things to sell still around sex… coz sex sells!!

Hapo unakanyaga kubwa kubwa ukiendaga

Hahaha. Very well written. Many men are conned by trying this exotic things.

Never boarded

ungefa upate 99% in your hekaya lakini ntakupa 5% ju yakuingiza mkubwa God mwisho wa story, na unajua vizuri tuliumbwa tùenjoy ladha ya dunia.

once went to what looked like a salon with a massage spot. i walk in and i’m told to wait. a woman comes out of the shower ndethes and asks me what i want. i realised i was in the wrong place. i pretended to ask for costs and told them wacha nitoe pesa kwa simu nikuje.

i think bado wananingojea

Kuna moja nilienda nikaambiwa niongeze 100 ninyolewe fudhi

Why are you g@y?

Hapo ni wapi… That sounds like excellent service