How museveni deals with bobi wine

Museveni behaves as if the country belongs to him and that he will rule forever.


Ukiona hivi… Bobby alikua na secret meeting na wabeberu. Against sebo…


Hapa Dio tunakuja under jambazi sugu kutoka uthiru


Its because of a Docuseries about Bobi Wine that will be airing soon on National Geographic channel in the US.
Museveni"s son lazima aliumwa na hii maneno ndio akaamua kufinya kijana mackagary.

But it does and he will.

Museveni deployed pegasus against several diplomats, he knows what they are whispering those wazunhus

Wah. Eeti he was being escorted home…!

M7 is just making the guy more popular

Yoweri is one insecure matapaka. He has intel agents kwa wingi in the US to spy on the huge Baganda immigrants who he dreams of plotting against him. I used to do taxes for a daughter of their one of his close guys, the schubit chicca received 20k USD a month. When my muganda kinyozi learnt we chatted often he never opened his mouth again in my presence. The guy had introduced me to Baganda prince (I witnessed a lady kneeling while greeting a prince) and princesses. He was to give me a through pass to a princess until he learnt of my chats with the 20k-a-month gal


If you insert your finger into the president anus be prepared to be arrested