How much Would Bill Gate Be Worth If Every Copy Of Windows OS & MS Office Was Genuine & Paid For?

Are you a software pirate? The global percentage of Pirated Windows OS is 57%, in India alone 91% of PC run on Pirated Windows OS. MS office has even a higher percentage of piracy of 70%.

Bill gates would be richer than Mansa Musa of Mali, the richest man that ever lived, Richer than the Biblical King Solomon.

Hapa Ktalk I suspect PC users with genuine Windows OS ni 1%.

Of course yes.

io couple ni fraudsters. kila mwaka unaskia wamepump millions kibera, kila mwaka ukienda kibera hakuna kitu kwa ground, kazi yao ni kucontrol population za watu africa, kusponsor vitu zile haram

No he wouldn’t
The free operating systems would have more users is all, there are plenty of alternatives to windows that pirates or would be pirates would turn to

I once decided to support the developers of AutoCad by buying until I saw a monthly subscription of 20k or yearly 160k for the licence

mwambie aweke ads kwa free ama pirated versions…

Actually it is probably more like 90%. If your laptop or desktop has a windows sticker (which is more likely than not), the manufacturer shipped it with a paid copy which they factor in the laptop price. All microsoft does is sell license copies to the manufacturer and the manufacturer passes the cost down to the user. Uking’oa hiyo uweke pirated one sawa lakini ulishanunua tayari

So what people do is buy PCs less the cost of Windows, then throw in a pirated version. Hapo M$ loses.
Now Imagine that on a large scale deployment of thousands of PCs.

Who owns Microsoft office suite?

Look at your laptop, desktops, kids desktops etc and see what percentage DO NOT have a windows sticker.

Microsoft PLC

Even government Offices use pirated Windows

But is Bill Gates the sole owner of microsoft

But ukinunua computer genuine iwe laptop au pc si umelipa Gates hapo juu inakuja na windows. Remember they tell you to make the recovery disk when you get home.

They probably pirated it themselves.

Similarly if you were to pay for all the movies you have stolen and music you downloaded. …o_O

These U.S guys don’t depend on outside markets. They depend mainly on the U.S and European markets where COPYRIGHT laws are followed strictly.

The rest of you heathens can continue living in poverty stealing as you please.

The amount of money lost in China alone through piracy of local products is said to be more than the whole Chinese economy doubled or quadrupled.

That’s what you throw away when you steal.

Because in China a Chinese guy cannot sing, write a book or make a movie or create software for profit. Yet they have a mega population that could turn a single song into a mega hit.

China could be 10 times richer than the U.S if they had strict copyright laws.

Similarly a Kenyan cannot sing, make a movie, write a book or invent anything in peace. Zero innovation.

You sing today by evening your song has been pirated five thousand times.

That is why innovation only happens in the U.S.

Talent means something in the U.S.

If people had to pay for a genuine copy, it’s pricey to many. Therefore someone would make and offer a cheap OS. In fact many. So Bill Gates net worth would remain unchanged- if not reduced.

Hata hio 1% ni ya kenya yote.

Hapa ndio home

Team OS : Your Only Destination To Custom OS !!

from 2014-2016 I had genuine Office 365…[SIZE=3]running on Pirated Windws 8.1[/SIZE]

The reason Windows is so popular, and hence is very profitable, is piracy. Microsoft understands the power of network effects, so they turn a blind eye to the piracy.