How much time do you consider too long being single: without any type of relationship

Wadau when do you consider too long being single.

For the sake of kijiji I’ll have to rephrase the question:

After the age of 18 (after graduating from highschool), how much time do you consider is too long for one to be single without any ‘conquest’ (sexlessness)

That excludes sex workers for those who visit them.

Also, from the age of 18 to 25 how much time is too long to be single and not have a normal relationship (You could have had a couple of ‘conquests’ one night stands, fwbs in between but not in any normal relationship)

Do not measure yourself with some one else’s yardstick …
Do your own thing … :smiley:

Relationship utajua after sex not the other way around

Being single is good but then again curiosity drives you to a place where you ask yourself what if I had a better half to love and share moments with? Free access to sex? Sounds good on paper but has challenges especially after the honeymoon phase is over and shit hits the fan.

After experience that shaped my view, I resolved to no cohabitation, no marriage, no LTR. My advise is do soul searching and find what works for you

Afadhali malaya. Relationships at that age are not good for men.

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Ata malaya ni relationship

Aje? Uliwahi kuwa na relationship na malaya?