How much should I pay for this bike?

Wadau, I got me an offer for this ex-uk bike. Its in a fairly good condition. How much should I pay for it? Isnt 18k too much?
Gears ni Shinamo
Cc @Meria Mata , @Gio , [USER=30119]@The.Black.Templar

Forty six bob, best price.

Not more than 20k

Buy value, not cost. Consider the value you’ll get, and pay accordingly. Price isn’t everything.

How much are they offering? Hoe many gears?

Vile @1776 amesema apo jue

Guy wants 18k. Seems steep to me. Gears ni 21. Frame is aluminium.

disc brakes, shocks, aluminum rims… hii bike nzuri but its heavy. mpe 15k

Disk brakes ni za front tu?

Bliiiin ! Nice bike man.

muulize previous owner anazikwa lini kwanza

Uliza previous owner. Kama ni lady ama mhindi then iko sawa. Lipa 15k max :slight_smile:

I know he is the first local owner. He is an avid biker.

I bought it wadau. KShs 15000. Thanks all for your advice. Sasa natafta mudguard ya nyuma. [ATTACH=full]159544[/ATTACH]

Niliitwa peasant when I wanted to buy one in that range. Niliiambiwa 30k minimum.:D:D:D

No need to break the bank if you buying it for weekend leisure. But if you are buying it for competition on the other hand then you will need to go top range. Those aint cheap.

sana sana utakuwa una kaendeshea wapi?

Unpaved roads za huku ocha weekends kaa leo.

:D.Kwani ni rocket?