How Much Money Does One Need To Be Happy?

You just need the holyspirit in you. He is joy and satisfaction

Just enough not to have to worry about food, shelter and clothes. The rest are things we can live without.

Money is never enough,kuna time nikiwa kijana na salo ya 8k,nilisurvive nayo vilivyo baadae kakitu kakaingia and believe me hadi leo nashindwa kwani bado na make 8K subconsciously?

Depression is a bad thing…yet in African Societies we don’t see it as a serious disease…But this is suspicious…

The body of a senior officer with the National Land Commission (NLC), veteran Machakos journalist Jennifer Itumbi Wambua, was on Monday discovered at the Ngong Forest.
This was confirmed by Kilimani DCIO, Fatima Hadi, at the City Mortuary where her body was taken by the police.
Her body was positively identified by her husband.

Ms Wambua, a former bureau chief with the Kenya News Agency (KNA) in Machakos, was last seen on Friday morning, March 12, when her husband dropped her off at work.
Ms Wambua did not return home from work on Friday and she had not been traced by Sunday evening.
NLC acting chief executive, Kabale Tache Arero, and NLC chairperson, Gershom Otachi, were present at City Mortuary after news broke of the discovery of her body today.


Family lawyer Daniel Maanzo says Jennifer was a key State witness in several corruption cases and was due to testify in one of them tomorrow.

According to the acting NLC boss, Ms Wambua had asked for some time off since Monday last week, saying she felt depressed.
“She came to see me in the office on Monday March 8. She narrated how she had an accident the previous weekend and even showed me photographs of her damaged car,” Ms Arero said, adding she granted her five days leave to cool off.

[SIZE=6]Handbag in car[/SIZE]
Her husband, Joseph Komu, said after dropping her to work at the commission’s offices on Friday morning, he was surprised to find her handbag and her mobile phone in the family car hours later, while at a garage.
Mr Komu works with the Ministry of Agriculture at Kilimo House, a walking distance from her work place. The car was parked at a nearby parking yard.

He said it appeared that she came back to the car, dropped her handbag which contained her mobile phone, but cannot tell what happened thereafter.
“I picked the car at around 11am and went to the garage where I discovered my wife’s handbag and her phone. After the car was fixed, I drove to her office to drop the items but was shocked when her colleagues told me she had not been seen that day,” said the distraught husband.
On Saturday morning, after she failed to show up the previous night, Mr Komu says he drove back to NLC offices and proceeded to report the matter at Capitol Hill Police Station.

[SIZE=6]CCTV footage[/SIZE]
Detectives visited the commission’s offices and retrieved CCTV footage to trace her movements from the time she was dropped by her husband.
Preliminary investigations show that she indeed reported to her fourth floor office at ACK Annex adjacent to Ardhi House, according to CCTV footage, but was seen walking out about an hour later.
In both moments captured by cameras — while alighting from the building’s lift and later as she exited the offices — she is seen carrying her handbag.
“Already, detectives have retrieved CCTV footage at her place of work and preliminary investigations show that she entered her fourth floor office and later left carrying her handbag, an hour later,” said Mr Komu.

However, detectives are puzzled how her mobile phone was hours later found in her husband’s car that was parked near the office.
“It appears she was either kidnapped at the parking lot after she opened the car and put the handbag containing her mobile phone, or she willingly dropped the items in the car and left,” the distraught husband told Nation by telephone.
He said his wife’s failure to show up at home for a third night has heightened anxiety in the family.
Mr Komu was Sunday questioned by detectives at the DCI headquarters and recorded a statement with the team tracing the journalist’s whereabouts. The couple resided in Machakos town.

Add school fees and medication there.

KJ2 1Tim 6:6-9:
“6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.
7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
8 And having food and clothing let us be with these things content.
9 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which plunge men into destruction and perdition.”

Tafuta pesa utakuwa happy obviously

Life is pointless but don’t let this hinder you form achieving greater things in life. The good book says Ecclesiastes 10:19
“A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything.”

My favorite book in the bible

Happiness is you and you are happy. You control all these things. Money no makes you happy. You can decide to be either happy or sad even if you have money or no money rasta.

Jennifer Wambua, was raped and strangled with bare hands to death, a post-mortem has revealed.
Speaking at the Montezuma Funeral Home in Nairobi Thursday, the chief government pathologist, Johansen Oduor, concluded that the cause of death was strangulation.

The body also had facial injuries, an indication that the victim had a physical altercation with her killers before she was overpowered.
The family’s pathologist, Joseph Ndung’u, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and experts from the Government Chemist were also present. Samples were collected for further analysis.
The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Noordin Haji, directed the Inspector-General of Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the barbaric killing of Ms Wambua, who was a key witness in a multimillion-shilling fraud case.


Detectives are now under pressure to find out who killed the veteran journalist, and why. By Thursday evening, they had narrowed down their probe to the people behind the 58 calls that were made to Ms Wambua’s cell phone in the days leading to the murder.
Investigators are also trying to find out if she intentionally left her phone in the family car, or her killers did it to make it difficult for police to trace them.
Ms Wambua was one of the key witnesses in a corruption case involving Lugari MP Ayub Savula.
The legislator has been accused with 20 others, including his two wives, of defrauding the Government Advertising Agency (GAA) of Sh122 million.

Others on trial are former ICT Principal Secretary Sammy Itemere and former director of GAA Dennis Chebitwey. Ms Wambua was to be cross-examined three days before her disappearance.
State prosecutor Henry Kinyanjui told the court Thursday that she had testified on February 18.
“It has not yet been established whether her death is connected to this ongoing case against Mr Savula, Mr Itemere and Mr Chebitwey, among others,” said Mr Kinyanjui.
“To avoid speculation and in pursuant to Article 157 (4) of the Constitution, the DPP has directed the Inspector-General of Police (IG) to conduct thorough investigations into the circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of Ms Wambua,” he added.
Once investigations are done, the DPP will review the file and ensure the culprits are brought to book.
“Our instructions are to request this court to give us some mention date to confirm the status of the investigations and take further directions,” said Mr Kinyanjui.
Defence lawyers led by Karathe Wandugi supported the call for thorough investigations.
“Mr Kinyanjui is right in what he informed the court about investigations being conducted. We welcome the investigations so that no suspicion can bear from our side as this is an open ended request and we welcome it,” Mr Wandugi.

Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi said it was sad the witness had been killed before cross-examination. The first time Ms Wambua was due for cross-examination, it could not be done because she was unwell.

This caused the case to be adjourned. The matter was postponed for the second time as Ms Wambua had been involved in a traffic accident.
“In the third time, she was no longer available because she was no more, she had passed on,” said the chief magistrate.
Due to the circumstances, he ordered the prosecution to reorganise its case and conduct investigations on her death. He urged the prosecutions to work quickly so that hearing resumes even as the investigations are being conducted.
The case was adjourned to April 22 when the DPP is expected to inform the court the status of the investigations.

By Richard Muguti, Vincent Achuka and Brian Wasuna

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