how much iz a CAM digital tv card?

na naeza pata wapi?

CAM stands for?

those things were discontinued from production, since they would have rendered decoders ka za startimes Gotv… marketless + no software patch updates from manufactures

conditional access module, the tv card inserted at the slot labelled “CI” at the back of digital tv. this enables one to insert subscription cards lyk that of ZUKU, azam but GOtv already wako na the GOcard

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Leta besha nikuwai hii

Weka picha mzuri @Murang’a

bado sijaiona hio CAM card unataka kunionyesha piga picha yenyewe side zote mbili ndo nione label vizuri, alafu utaniuzia mangapi? @ @Murang’a

Unless you wanna use them to access some of the int’l channels, to the best of my knowledge none of the local(ly based) broadcasters use them.

gotv si wako na gocard na gocard ni kama CAMcard yenye una insert kwa hio CI slot hapo nyuma ama?

Word is they discontinued it. Unless you get it from them, a third party one won’t work.

sasa wana expect mwenye digital tv anunue decoder yao ndo a subscribe? the only decoder am buying nikiwa hii level niko, ni zile za FTA siezi hata na dawa nunua decoder ya subscription tv yangu ikiwa na inbuilt decoder.

That’s their business model. Unfortunately. They’ve recently resorted to intimidation of those offering FTA & other alternatives.