How much is this Land cruiser?

Cheki is your friend for all this and other related questions

Around 5 - 6m

Check on JIJI. You will get good deals.

Be thorough in conducting due dilligence

A very good car

Those are sold as normal landcrusers then inafanyiwa ukarabati to convert it to a tour van.

Most of the ones in .ke are converted in TZ by a kalasinga who is said to be the best in that.


This is the initial face before conversion, the chassis is sliced, almost into half then extended during conversion. Any poor and shoddy job can make the axle/shaft make you do a somersault with a split of a second.

That’s Toyota Kenya website.
Plus 1 mil in Tz for the conversion. Ama upeleke pale RSA Msa rd near past Naivas near Mlolongo for I dunno how much.

Second hand depends on age & vehicle condition, but 2 - 3.5 mil is ballpark.