How much does YouTube pay for 1,000 views in Kenya

Many Kenyans have asked me severally the amount of money YouTube pays per 1000 views. Based on statistics from various YouTubers in Kenya, 1000 views pays approximately Ksh 100.The amount can go as high as Ksh 200 per 1,000 views depending on the source of traffic and number of clicks.

AdSense earnings are measured in terms of RPM, which means earnings per 1000 views. If your RPM is $1 it means that you have earned $1 per 1000 views. In Kenya, RPM revolves around $1.But there are videos that get RPM of as high as $5 especially those getting organic traffic from USA.There are also many YouTubers getting RPM of less than $0.50.Poor quality videos have low RPM.Always ensure that the videos are of high quality and long enough in order to earn more money per 1000 views.

What you should know is that RPM is not constant, today it can be $2, tomorrow $0.47, the next day $0.20.

I have seen many people misleading others in regards to YouTube earnings in Kenya. Unless you get hundreds of thousands of views, it’s hard to generate decent income—YouTube is not a gold mine for the lazy publishers. Those getting over 1 million views are the ones earning good money. For 1 million views, you’ll earn more than Ksh 200,000.

Below is the estimated income you’ll earn from YouTube in Kenya based on views:
1,000 views—Ksh 100
10,000 views—Ksh 1,000
20,000 views—Ksh 2,500

50,000 views—Ksh 7,000
100,000 views—Ksh15, 000
200,000 views—Ksh30, 000
500,000 views—Ksh 70,000
1 million views—Ksh 150,000
2 million views—Ksh 300,000

The money earned from YouTube depends on the number of subscribers, number of videos and how frequent you post them —and of course views. Someone can post one video which gets 1 million views and it earns Ksh 400,000.Another one will post 10 videos which will get 100,000 views in total and generates less than Ksh15, 000 from the videos. The quality of videos matter a lot too.
To start earning from YouTube, first post good videos that will get over 4,000 watch hours and at least 1,000 subscribers. After 12 months, apply to monetize with AdSense.
I suggest that you choose a topic that has many viewers. The most profitable topics include: Entertainment, Sports, health, fitness, Real Estate, Travel &Tourism, Recipe/cooking and music.
My advice to those running YouTube channels, you should also start a blog where you post content without videos. YouTube alone may not give you the desired income. If you run a YouTube channel and a blog concurrently, the income will be sufficient enough to sustain your lifestyle. Starting a blog in Kenya costs Ksh 5,000 to Ksh15, 000.

Credit: Google.

Are there taxes on the payments.

Lazima but sijui ni ngapi.

Nimeona chokosh kama Andrew Kibe makes so much money considering he has an average of 476K views on most videos.

Is the payment for a “life time” or does the monetization decline to zero over time?

It’s what the Govt is working on.

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Great idea! Content si lazima ikuwe inamake sense to give you money.

Sijui audience wangu itakuwa akina nani?That’s one thing I’m struggling with .People of my age aren’t on YouTube as such apart from listening to those luhya musicians and my content can’t appease younglings… but I’ll try

Are you suggesting you have been included from the gig economy by virtue of your age?

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Cha muhimu ni kuanza. Vitu kama niche, audience, type of content hugrow na kudevelop along the way. Importantly don’t forget to put viewers comments into consideration. Kuna wale hukua na makasiriko but some of them are quite constructive. Truth be told, many of the big-time content producers got a lot of input from mafans but are too proud to admit it,

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IDK about KRA but cut ya YouTube hua 45%

Also Larry wheels made this much from a hundred million views on clip less than a minute.


Could you elaborate on this? Aren’t there a number of free blogging platforms?